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Ancient Period: 4750 B.C. to 33 A.D.

University of Chicago Assyrian Dictionary
Discoveries At Nineveh Austin Henry Layard
Assyrian Music Jack Cheng
Assyrian Personal Names Knut L. Tallqvist
Women And Their Agency In The Neo-Assyrian Empire
The Civilization Of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow
Assyria: Princes, Priests and People A. H. Sayce
History Of Art in Chaldea and Assyria Volume 2 Georges Perrot
Religion of Babylonia and Assyria Morris Jastrow
Myths and Legends of Babylonia and Assyria Lewis Spence
The Seven Great Monarchies, Volume 2: Assyria George Rawlinson
History of Science, Volume 1 Henry Smith Williams
A History of Babylonia And Assyria -- Volume I Robert William Rogers
A History of Babylonia And Assyria -- Volume II Robert William Rogers
Everyday Life In Babylonia And Assyria H. W. F. Saggs
People Of Ancient Assyria Jorgen Laessoe
Assyrian Historiography: a Source Study A.T. Olmstead
The Epic of Gilgamesh N. K. Sanders
The Story of Ahikar F. C. Conybeare, J. Rendel Harris and Agnes Smith Lewis
Sennacherib's Aqueduct at Jerwan Thorkild Jacobsen and Seton Lloyd

Classical Period: 33 A.D. to 1800 A.D.

Syriac Dictionary, English, French, Arabic Louis Costaz
Compendious Syriac Dictionary J. Payne Smith
Thesaurus Syriacus, Volume One J. Payne Smith
Thesaurus Syriacus, Volume Two J. Payne Smith
Ecclesiastical Organisation of the Church Of The East David Wilmshurst
Classical Syriac Course Book Helen Younansardaroud
The Monks of Kublai Khan Sir E. A. Wallis Budge, KT.
History of the Christian Church, Volume III: Nicene and Post-Nicene Christianity. A.D. 311-600 Philip Schaff
An Introduction to the History of the Assyrian Church Rev. W. A. Wigram
Tatian the Assyrian's Address to the Greeks
Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World Patricia Crone & Michael Cook (Excerpt on Assyrians, pp. 55-60)
How Greek Science Passed to the Arabs De Lacy O'Leary, D.D.
By Foot To China: Mission of The Church of the East, to 1400 John M. L. Young
Nestorian Monument In China P. Y. Saeki
Early Eastern Christianity F. Crawford Burkitt
The Lost History of Christianity Philip Jenkins
The Syriac Bible (1893)
Christians and Others in the Umayyad State

Modern Period: 1800 A.D. to Present

Pitiful Plight Of The Assyrian Christians in Persia and Kurdistan William Walker Rockwell
From A Spoken To A Written Language H. L. Murre-Van Den Berg
Assyrians, Kurds and Ottomans Hirmis Aboona
British Policy In Assyrian Settlement Isaac E. Asia
Travels in Assyria J. S. Buckingham
Les Assyros Chaldeens Et Les Armeniens Massacres Par Les Turcs J. Naayem
The Blight of Asia George Horton
The Lost Peoples of the Middle East F. David Andrews, Ed.
Shall This Nation Die? Rev. Joseph Naayem
Settlement of the Assyrians of Iraq, 1935 League of Nations
The Tragedy of the Assyrians R.S. Stafford
The British Betrayal of the Assyrians Yusuf Malek
Notes From Nineveh And Travels In Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Syria The Rev. J. P. Fletcher
Whither Christian Missions? David Perley
The Assyrian Diaspora Edward and Irene Kliszus
Assyrians of the Van District M.Y.A. Lilian
The Origins and Development of Assyrian Nationalism Robert DeKelaita
The Flickering Light of Asia Rev. Joel E. Werda
The Cradle of Mankind: Life in Eastern Kurdistan Rev. W. A. Wigram
The Assyrians And Their Neigbours Rev. W. A. Wigram
The Baqubah Refugee Camp H. H. Austin
Death of a Nation Abraham Yohannan
Grammar of the Dialects of Vernacular Syriac Arthur J. MacLean
Missionary Researches in Armenia Eli Smith and H. G. O'Dwight
Modern Persia Mooshie G. Daniel
Nestorian Biography: Being Sketches Of Pious Nestorians Missionaries Of the A. B. C. F. M.
Nestorians and their Rituals George Percy Badger
The Plight of Armenian and Assyrian Christians Archbishop of Canterbury et. al.
A Short History of Syriac Literature William Wright
Virtual Assyria Dan Lundberg
Iraq and the Assyrian Unimagining: Illuminating Scaled Suffering and a Hierarchy of Genocide from Simele to Anfal Sargon George Donabed
Cultural Comparative Study on the Self-Identification of Maronites in Lebanon and Assyrians in Iraq Sung Ock Lee
The Assyrian Genocide, Cultural and Political Legacies Hannibal Travis, Editor
Let Them Not Return: The Genocide against the Assyrian, Syriac and Chaldean Christians in the Ottoman Empire David Gaunt, Naures Atto and Soner O. Barthoma
Journeys in Persia, Volume One Mrs. Bishop (Isabella Bird)
Journeys in Persia, Volume Two Mrs. Bishop (Isabella Bird)
Forsaken: The Persecution Of Christians In Today's Middle East Daniel Williams
Spilled Blood Abdil-Massih Karabashi
The St. Gabriel Monastery
Woman And Her Saviour In Persia
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