X Vows to 'Robustly Challenge' Australia Order to Remove Stabbing Posts
New Altar is Consecrated At Destroyed Iraq Church
Church Complex Near Ancient City of Ur Points to Iraq's Christian Roots
Muslim Teenager Charged With Terrorism for Stabbing Assyrian Bishop
Assyrian Priest Released From Hospital After Wakeley Terror Attack
Assyrian Community Groups Call Peace After Church Attack
Stabbing of Assyrian Bishop in Sydney Treated As Terrorist Act
Kidnapped By ISIS, Priest in Iraq Recounts Story of Facing Fear With Faith
Exhibit on Missionaries to Assyrians in Persia
Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako Returns to Baghdad Upon PM Al-Sudani's Invitation
Iraqi Cardinal Hopes Biden Will Push Iraq's Government to Better Protect Assyrians
Assyrian Genocide Oral History Project
Archaeologists in Iraq Making Discoveries in ISIS Destroyed Sites
The Assyrian Church of the East and Its Ties With Russia
Inauguration of Church Destroyed By ISIS a Sign of Hope
Assyrian Candidate Wins Hometown in Turkey's Local Elections
Turkey Criticized for Failing to Protect Historic Church
The Assyrian Church in Iraq
19 Australian Parliamentarians Support Recognition of Assyrian Genocide
Future of Minorities At Stake in Struggle Between Erbil and Baghdad
Assyrian, Kurdish Parties Unite Election Boycott, Citing Constitutional Concerns
Chaldean, Assyrian, and Armenian Representatives Condemn Iraqi Supreme Court Ruling
The Syriac World, In Search of a Forgotten Christianity
Six More Assyrian Parties Announce Boycott of Kurdistan Elections
Iraqi Assyrian Shares American Dream With Other Middle Eastern Refugees
Shura Council Condemns Iraqi Federal Supreme Court Ruling
Chaldean Patriarch Urges Preservation of Rights for Iraq's Diverse Communities
Several Assyrian Parties to Boycott Kurdistan's Upcoming Elections
Stockholm Denies Asylum: 84-Year-old Iraqi Assyrian Dies on Repatriation Flight
Hope for 'Great Revival' of Christianity in Iran
Assyrians in Iraq Still Fearing Insecurity
Assyrian Fighter Beheads ISIS Militant in Retaliation
Cardinal Sako on 'Surprising' Reality in Riyadh, Blessing of Christian Migrants
Syriac Union Party's Fourth Conference Kicks Off in Syria
Attack on the Assyrian Defense Forces Must Be Condemned: Kurdish Party
Turkish Drones Kill Three Assyrians in Syria
Assyrian Parties in Talks With Iraqi Top Court to Amend Controversial Ruling
Assyrians Blame Kurdish Parties for Losing Quota Seats in Iraq Court Ruling
Assyrian Iraqi Politician Slams 'Oppressive' Court Ruling on Minority Seats
Assyrians Denounce Iraq's Federal Court Decision to Eliminate Parliamentary Quota Seats
Turkish Party Asks UNESCO to Investigate Violations of Linguistic Rights
Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide Recognition and Education in Australia
From Mycenae to Mesopotamia: Ancient Greek Relations With Assyria
The West Pushed Assyrians to Leave Their Ancestral Lands
Australian Federal Liberal Party Adopt Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
Reborn From Destruction
Life Sentence Sought for Man for Killing Assyrian Taxi Driver in Turkey
Some Assyrians Are Returning to Iraq
Assyrian Bentrish Satarzadeh Appointed a California Superior Court Judge
How Difficult is it to Be a Christian in Turkey?
Don't Forget About the Persecuted Christians of Iraq and Syria
St Isaac the Assyrian: Desert Hermit Whose Voice Resonates Across Centuries
Assyria And Assyrians: the Story Of My People
Iraq's Assyrian Exodus Leaves Churches Empty in the South
Assyrians Observe Nineveh Fast for Peace in Middle East
Chaldean Catholic Church Head Urges Iraqi Government to Ensure Justice for Assyrians
Assyrian Father and Son Graduate Together From University
Assyrian Businessman Killed In Erbil Attack
Patriarch Sako Calls for Withdrawal of Sectarian Militias From the Nineveh Plain
Cardinal Sako Appeals for Church Unity to Save Iraq's Christian Population

X Vows to 'Robustly Challenge' Australia Order to Remove Stabbing Posts

Sydney (Reuters) -- Social media platform X said on Saturday it would challenge in court an order from an Australian regulator demanding the company remove some posts related to the stabbing of a bishop in Sydney. Police charged a boy, 16, with a terrorism offence on Thursday for the alleged stabbing of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel at a church in the New South Wales capital on Monday.

New Altar is Consecrated At Destroyed Iraq Church

By Zoe Romanowsky

When the altar of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chaldean Catholic Church was consecrated earlier this month in Mosul, Iraq, a former parishioner now living in the United States said she was moved to tears.

Church Complex Near Ancient City of Ur Points to Iraq's Christian Roots

By Abigail Frymann Rouch

A new church complex has been built near the ancient city of Ur, in Iraq, in an effort to draw attention to the long history of the country's beleaguered Christian community. The building of the church has been spearheaded by a Chaldean Catholic engineer who was inspired by the words of Pope Francis in an address to faith leaders at Ur, the site believed to be the birthplace of Abraham.

Muslim Teenager Charged With Terrorism for Stabbing Assyrian Bishop

By Renju Jose

SYDNEY (Reuters) -- A 16-year-old boy has been charged with a terrorism offence for allegedly stabbing an Assyrian church bishop in Sydney during a church service, Australian police said on Friday, as investigations continued into a riot after the knife attack.

Assyrian Community Groups Call Peace After Church Attack

By Tony Ibrahim, Sean Tarek Goodwin, and Maryanne Taouk

For many in Sydney's Assyrian community, the images of violence at the Christ The Good Shepherd Church on Monday evening brought flashbacks of war. Jacqueline Georges arrived in Australia in 1984, fleeing Iraq. Monday night's attack has shaken her. "We felt devastated, shocked and violated," she said. "We left our countries because of these things.

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