Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis in Iraq From Extinction
Assyrian Human Rights Activist Addresses Trump
Assyrians Call on US Army to Stop Possible Turkish Invasion in Northeast Syria
When Islamic State Came, Iraqi Assyrian Monks Had Just Finished Hiding Manuscripts
Islamists Rape, Stone to Death Christian Woman in Syria
The Genocide of Anatolia's Christians
Religious Leaders Gather At U.S. Capitol to Pray for Persecuted Christians
Cardinal Fears Iraq Could Be Caught in Middle of a U.S.-Iran Conflict
Turkey: No Rights for the Country's Indigenous People?
What Happens in Iraq is Ethnic Cleansing
UK Police Investigate If Assyrian Charity Paid Ransom to ISIS
Can Assyrian Immigrants Get Relief in the Trump Era?
Catholic Assyrians Restoring Church in Turkey
Car Bomb Hits Assyrian Church in Northeast Syria
Inside the Hunt for Iraq's Looted Treasures
Barely 40 Assyrian Homes Remain in Mosul
Justice for Cyprus
Swedish Foreign Minister Denies Turkish Genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians
President Assad and Patriarch Younan At the Syrian-Catholic Youth Meeting
President Al-Assad: Christians Have Been and Still Builders of Syria's Civilization
Ancient Iraqi City of Babylon Designated UNESCO World Heritage Site
Assyrian From Iraq Always Displays the American Flag To Celebrate Her Citizenship
Armenia Parliament Speaker Meets With Cypriot Counterpart
Turkish Municipality Erases Sacred Yazidi Peacock Symbol From Logo
Program Works to Heal Iraqi Assyrians Suffering in Mind, Soul
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report: June
Google 3D-prints Replica of Historic Assyrian Statue Destroyed By ISIS in 2015
Turkey Condemns UN Deal With Syrian Kurdish Militias to Tackle Child Soldiers
How Long Can Iraqi Assyrians Last?
Iraqi Assyrians Face Uncertain Future: U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom
Ancient Assyrian Christian Site in the UAE Now Open to Public
Assyrians in the Middle East: A Future in Limbo?
Syriac Catholic Bishops Optimistic Amid Dispersion of Their Faithful
Kurdistan Journalists' Syndicate Denounces Arrest of Assyrian Journalist
Iraqi Assyrians, Chicken Farmers Rebuild Their Lives in the Nineveh Plains
Cardinal Sako Expresses Great Joy for the Pope's Visit to Iraq
The Tragedy of Middle Eastern Christians
Iraq to Restore 15,000 Antiquities From U.S.: PM
New Syriac Catholic Bishop Hopes Christianity Will Thrive Again in Iraq
Pope Says he Wants to Visit Iraq in 2020
The Persecution of Assyrians in Iraq
Nineveh Plains Transitional Justice Report
Slovak Archaeologists Found Gemstones of Old Assyrian Christian Community in Kuwait
Pastor Urges "strong Wave of Protest" After Assyrian Church in Iran Shut Down, Cross Removed
Art Show Celebrates Assyrian-American Experiences
Iraqi Christian Survives Being Burned Alive By ISIS 3 Times
Archbishop of Westminster Issues Call to Save Assyrians in Iraq
Pro-government Assyrian Forces to Remain Armed in Northeast Syria
Assyrian Diaspora Seeks to Reconnect With Homeland
Genocide of Christians Reaches 'Alarming Stage'
Baghdad Must Do More to Protect Iraq's Religious Minorities: US Official
This Country Has Used Us Up - Turkey's Christians
Why Assyrians in Iraq Are 'Close to Extinction'
We Left to Save Our Faith: Assyrian From Iraq
Iran Closes Assyrian Presbyterian Church in Tabriz
Iraq Archbishop Makes Urgent Appeal to UK Foreign Secretary
How Iraq is Hunting for Ancient Relics Looted From Its Museums
Erdogan Describes Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide As 'Reasonable Relocation'
Iraqi Christian Assyrian Leaders Plead With US, Iran to Sort Things Out
Turkey's Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians Destroyed By '30-year Genocide'

Trump Helps Save Christians, Yazidis in Iraq From Extinction

By Edwin Mora

U.S. President Donald Trump's administration is helping bring Christians and Yazidis in Iraq back from the brink of extinction fomented by a genocidal campaign at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), religious minority representatives declared this week at the second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom convened by the Department of State. The U.S.

Assyrian Human Rights Activist Addresses Trump

On July 17, 2019, Iranian Assyrian human rights activist Dabrina Bet Tamraz was part of a delegation of survivors of religious persecution that met with United States President Donald Trump. Her father Victor Bet Tamraz, her mother Shamiran Issavi, and her brother Rameil Bet Tamraz face lengthy prison sentences in Iran for charges related to the practice of their Christian faith.

Islamists Rape, Stone to Death Christian Woman in Syria

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on July 8, 2019, an Armenian Christian woman living in the Syrian Governorate of Idlib went missing. Suzan Der Kirkour was 6o years old and her body was found the next day just outside of her village, al-Yaqoubiyeh. An autopsy revealed that Suzan was tortured and repeatedly raped over an estimated period of nine hours.

The Genocide of Anatolia's Christians

By Benjamin Weinthal

Israeli historians Benny Morris and Dror Ze'evi have produced a work that shocks the conscience with their forensic study of the exterminatory violence committed during the final stage of the Ottoman Empire and the lead-up to the nascent phase of the Turkish Republic.

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