Turkey Strikes PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraq Army Seizes Key Mosul Bridge in ISIS Battle
Assyrian Palace Discovered Under Shrine Demolished By ISIS in Mosul
Turkish-backed Syrian Rebels Clash With Army in North
Mass Assyrian Emigration From Iraq Makes Future of Church Uncertain
Erdogan Meets Iraqi Kurdish Region's Leader Barzani
Turkey Builds More Than Half of Syrian Border Wall
Protecting Christians, Fighting Terror? Russia's on it
Twin Attacks on Syrian Security Kill At Least 32
Kurds Detaining Men Escaping Fights Between Iraqi Forces and ISIS
Iraq Recaptures New Neighborhood in Mosul
Egyptian President Orders Help for Displaced Christian Copts
The Assyrian Monk Who Saves Manuscripts From ISIS
Assyrian From Bethlehem Wins Arab Idol Competition
Conditions Deteriorate in West Mosul As Iraqi Advances Slow
Turkish Police Detain Kurdish Mayor
Syria Opposition in Meetings With U.S.
Dozens Killed in Attacks on Security Offices in Syria
Iraqi Forces Push Deeper Into West Mosul
Iraqi Assyrians Raise Giant Cross on Land Liberated From ISIS
UNESCO Meeting Lays Groundwork for Reviving, Protecting Iraq's Cultural Heritage
Copts Flee Sinai As ISIS Targets Christians
Iraq Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria
Turkey Poses a Bigger Threat to Syria Than ISIS
80,000 of Iraq's Displaced Sunnis Stopped From Returning Home
Egypt's Christians Face More Threats From ISIS
Assyrians and Muslims on a Peace March From Erbil to Alqōsh
US Changes Rules of Engagement for Mosul Fight in Iraq
Syrian Rebels Are Losing Out to Extremists
IS Flees Northern Syrian Stronghold of Al-Bab
Egypt Christian Shot Dead, House Burned Down
Can NATO Survive Turkey?
Iraq Hopes to Reclaim Heritage Lost to Islamic State Group
7,000 Iraq Troops Killed By ISIS
There Were Two Major Victories Against ISIS in Iraq and Syria
Top General: US Mulling 'Long-term Commitment' in Iraq
Major Human Rights Violations By Turkish Army Against Kurds
Iraqi Forces Take Control of Mosul Airport
Turkey Opposed to Syria Safe Zones for Refugees
750,000 People Trapped in Mosul Are 'On Brink of Starvation' As Iraqi Forces Advance
No Breakthrough Expected in Upcoming Syrian Peace Talks
Christian Father Shot Dead and His Son Burned Alive in Egypt
Hollande, Kurdish Regional Leader Barzani Meet in Paris
Syriac Patriarch Visited Hungarian Political and Spiritual Leaders
Human Rights Abuses Alleged in Southeast Turkey
Russia May Have Sidelined PYD in Geneva Talks
Turkey Among Countries With Worst Rights Practices
ISIS Suicide Bomber in Iraq Was Ex-Gitmo Detainee
Canada to Give Asylum to 1,200 Primarily Yazidi Refugees
Kurdish Forces Reach Euphrates River East of Raqqa Amid Massive ISIS Collapse
Turkey's Pro-Kurdish Opposition Appeals to European Court Over Detentions
Kurdish Party Co-chair Loses Her Seat in Turkish Parliament
British Museum Trains Iraqi Archaeologists to Rebuild Post-Islamic State
Turkish Military Says 44 Islamic State Militants Killed in Syria
What Future Do Christians Have in the Middle East?
Defense Secretary Mattis: US Will Stay in Iraq a While
Iraqi MPs Condemn Alleged Kurdish Abuses
Syrian Army Takes Control of Western Mountains Overlooking Lebanon
Turkish Airstrikes Target Kurdish PKK in Iraq
IS Lashes Out At Egypt and Threatens Salafis, Sunnis and Copts

Turkey Strikes PKK Targets in Northern Iraq

AVASIN-BASYAN, NORTHERN IRAQ (Reuters) -- Turkish warplanes destroyed five Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militant targets in Avasin-Basyan area of northern Iraq on Monday, Turkish military said in a written statement.

Iraq Army Seizes Key Mosul Bridge in ISIS Battle

By Kareem Khadder, Hamdi Alkshali and Ingrid Formanek

Irbil, Iraq (CNN) -- The Iraqi army says it has recaptured a bridge across the Tigris River in west Mosul, where fierce battles are ongoing to oust ISIS from its last bastion in Iraq.

Turkish-backed Syrian Rebels Clash With Army in North

By Tom Perry and Humeyra Pamuk

Turkey-backed Syrian rebel groups clashed with government forces near a city in northern Syria that the rebels recently captured from Islamic State, sources on both sides said, the second such confrontation in the region this month.

Mass Assyrian Emigration From Iraq Makes Future of Church Uncertain

By Rikar Hussein

(VOA) -- Hind Safaa has returned to her hometown of Qaraqosh in northern Iraq after Islamic State fighters were pushed out of the town. She and her family left the area two years ago due to fears that Islamic State fighters will target them as religious minorities.

Erdogan Meets Iraqi Kurdish Region's Leader Barzani

By Halil Ibrahim Baser and Idris Okuducu

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met the leader of Iraq's Kurdish region Sunday in Istanbul. The one-hour closed meeting between Erdogan and Masoud Barzani, president of the Kurdish Regional Government, took place in Mabeyn Palace on the European side.

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