Patriarch Sako Condemns 'Unjust' Court Rejection of Case Against Iraqi President
St. Mary's Syriac Orthodox Church Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary
Ancient Assyrian Artefacts Should Not Be Returned to Iraq
Iraqi Assyrians' Future Should Not Be Dictated By a Militia Group: Chaldean Patriarch
Assyrian Artist Inspired By His Roots
Iraq's President Meets Pope Francis
Today in History: 6,000 Armenians Massacred By Jihadist Turks in Kurdistan
Kurdish PM Meets With Cardinal Sako
Assyrian Journalist on the Challenges to Assyrians Returning to Turkey
Chaldean Archbishop of Tehran Inaugurated in North Iraq
Turkish MP Labels Murder of Elderly Assyrian As Tactic to Deter Community's Land Claims
Assyrian Chaldean Archbishop Preaches on Martyrs in Westminster Abbey
Turkish Prosecutor Releases All Suspects in Assyrian Man's Murder Case
When You Erase Our Assyrian Name, You Erase Our Humanity
91-Year-old Assyrian Man Fatally Shot in Turkey
What We Remember Will Be Saved
Assyrians: From Iraq to Mexico
As Turkey's Christians Celebrate a New Church, Religious Minorities Still Call for Respect
Patriarch Sako Leads Assyrian-language Peace Prayer in Vatican
Archaeologists Excavate an Assyrian Winged Bull in North Iraq
Assyrian Archeological Park Opens in North Iraq
Video Points to Safety Issues That Led to Deadly Assyrian Wedding Blaze
Turkey's Denial Of Christian Genocide
Chicago Assyrians Hold Vigil for Wedding Fire Victims
European Court Finds Turkey in Violation of Assyrian Foundation's Property Rights
Neighbors Object to Chicago Assyrian Church Parking Lot Expansion
Iraq Assyrian Wedding Tragedy: Groom Says Fireworks Not Cause of Fire
Iraqi Investigation Concludes Fireworks As Reason for Assyrian Wedding Fire, Church Rejects Results
Archbishop of Mosul Calls for Prosection in Assyrian Wedding Fire
Pope Francis Expresses Condolences Over Assyrian Wedding Fire
Iraqi PM Visits Assyrian Wedding Fire Victims, Families As 2 More Die From Injuries
Grief, Anger At Iraq Mass for Victims of Assyrian Wedding Fire
'No Reason to Keep Living:' Assyrian Wedding Fire Burns All Hope
Assyrian Archbishop Speaks of Community's Pain After Wedding Blaze Deaths
Survivors Describe 'Nightmare' Fire At Iraq Assyrian Wedding
Mosul Museum Emerges From Ruins, Set to Reopen 2026
Iraqi Assyrians Struggle for Freedom of Expression Amid Political and Extremist Threats
Iraq's Assyrians Facing 'Systematic Displacement' Since US-led Invasion, Says Patriarch
Realism in Ancient Assyrian Relief Carvings
Texas A&M Project Seeks To Preserve Assyrian Language
Cardinal Sako Appeals for Vatican Support As he Seeks to Regain Formal Recognition in Iraq
Christianity is Alive and Well in Iraq
University Education Offering a Future for Iraq's Assyrians
St. Thomas Christians in Kerela: Emerging Fault Lines
Assyrian-Dutch Minister Pursues Dialogue With Turkish People About Turkey's Criminal History
Iraqi Assyrian Leaders Join UN Conference on ISIS Genocide
Sennacherib's Prisms Reveal the Glorious Reign of an Assyrian King
Children's Festival Kicks Off in Qamishle, Syria
Assyrian Patriarch on the Pope's Visit to Mongolia
Future of Iraq's Assyrians Hinges on Safety for Minorities
Iraqi Assyrians in Need Do Not Receive Much International Aid
Why Assyrians in Iraq Are in Profound Danger
The Shocking Kurdish Role in Iraq's Yazidi Genocide
Assyrian Patriarch Visits Metropolitan of Sweden
In Iraq, Struggles Over Power And Control Of The Chaldean Catholic Church
The Assyrian Origin of Baklava
Mosul Archaeology Project Uncovers 'Spectacular' Assyrian Relics
Turkish University to Offer Doctoral Program in the Assyrian Language
Lebanon Holds Special Prayer Service for Iraqi Assyrians
Iraqi Cardinal Sets Out Conditions for Return to Baghdad

Patriarch Sako Condemns 'Unjust' Court Rejection of Case Against Iraqi President

By Patrick Hudson

Iraq's Supreme Court dismissed an attempt by the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church to overturn a presidential decree which removed his "institutional recognition". The Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon Cardinal Louis Raphaƫl Sako had submitted a case to the court after a dispute in July, when President Abdul Latif Rashid rescinded Decree 147 which had formally recognised Sako as head of the...

St. Mary's Syriac Orthodox Church Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary

By Evan Walsh

St. Mary's Syriac Orthodox Church -- located at 1 Industrial Drive in Shrewsbury -- is celebrating 100 years of "unwavering faith and cultural preservation." According to a press release, the church celebrated its centennial anniversary in early October; the event was "a momentous occasion for the entire community." As one of the oldest Syriac Orthodox churches in the United States, St.

Iraqi Assyrians' Future Should Not Be Dictated By a Militia Group: Chaldean Patriarch

The future of Iraqi Christians could not be dictated by a militia group, the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in the country and the world said on Tuesday at the MEPS23 Forum in Duhok. Remarks by Patriarch Raphael Louis Sako, who had fled Baghdad for Erbil in recent months, came during a keynote speech he delivered on Tuesday morning on the second day of Middle East Peace and Security (MEPS).

Assyrian Artist Inspired By His Roots

The city of Sterling Heights' new Featured Artist is an Assyrian Iraqi American who aspires to carry on a millennia-long legacy of Middle Eastern art. Sterling Heights resident Reni Stephan is a sculptor and painter who owns the Studio Lamassu art studio along 15 Mile Road, near Ryan Road.

Iraq's President Meets Pope Francis

By Azhi Rasul

Iraq's President Abdul Latif Rashid on Saturday met with the head of the Catholic Church Pope Francis in the Vatican after a controversial dispute earlier this year with the head of the Chaldean church.

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