Iraq's Assyrians Fight to Save Threatened Ancient Language
Assyria: Chronicling the Rise and Fall of the World's First Empire
Iraq's Assyrian Community Experiencing Signs of New Life
Assyrian Patriarch Meets With Iran's President
European Governments Defend Iraq's Patriarch Sako
Mosul Museum Reveals New Look After IS Destruction
Australian State of Tasmania Recognizes the Armenian Genocide
Iraq Recovers 6,000 Artifacts From Britain
Sydney's Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Communities Unite to March for Justice
Genocide Recognition By Itself Is Not Enough
The First Genocides in the Twentieth Century
Middle East Churches Dedicate Day to Kidnapped Bishops
Third Annual Assyrian Heritage Festival Held in North Iraq
Recognizing and Repairing the Harm to Iraq's Minority Communities
Assyrians Celebrate New Year With Song and Dance
How Assyrians Became Caught in the Crossfire in the Middle East
Assyrian Monastery in Mosul Holds Mass 20 Years After Iraq War
Recognition of Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Genocides Gains Momentum in Australia
Waning Assyrian Community Holds on in Northeastern Syria
Fight to Protect Endangered Iraqi Assyrians Continues After Years of War
Christians In The Middle East: A Persecuted And Forgotten People
Last Armenians and Assyrians of Malatya Flee City After Quakes
Iraq Starts Enforcing 2016 Ban on Alcoholic Beverages
UNESCO Chief Promises Help in Restoring Iraq's Looted Sites
Islamists Vandalize Ancient Assyrian Reliefs in North Iraq
18Th Century Assyrian Church in Turkey Damaged By Earthquakes
Patriarchs and Heads of Churches: Remove Sanctions on Syria
Construction of Baghdad's Chaldean Patriarchate Almost Finished
Pope Francis, Syriac Patriarch Call for Prayers After Devastating Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria
Assyrians Continue to Struggle to Survive Post-U.S. Invasion of Iraq
The Key of Language
The Endangered Assyrians and the Language of Jesus Seek International Support
Assyrian Archaeologist Tells of Her Trip to Northern Iraq
European Parliament Addresses Christian Persecution
Stop Giving Iraqi Kurds a Free Pass on Religious Freedom
New Iraq Convent is a Milestone in Return of Assyrians
Assyrians in Iran Asked to Be Discreet
Assyrian Priest Who Was Tortured in ISIS Captivity Elected Bishop in Syria
Turkey Plans to Open Its First-ever Newly-built Assyrian Church
10 Days of Christmas in India
Assyrian MP in Armenia Calls for Action on Blockade of Lachin Corridor
Excavations Reveal Christian Pilgrims' Lamps and Inscriptions At 'Tomb of Salome'
Nineveh Was the Most Dazzling City in The world
Church Bells Will Be Heard Again in Mosul
Assyrian Church Leaders Pledge Unity, Cooperation
Syria is Suffering, Says Syriac Catholic Patriarch
Hungary Stands Out for Its Aid to Beleaguered Assyrians in Iraq
Former Assyrian Seminary to House Displaced Assyrians in Iraq
Excavation in Ancient Assyrian City Unearths 'Significant' Palace Door Sill
Syrian Christians Fear Imminent Turkish Ground Incursion
Eighteen-thousand Smuggled Iraqi Artifacts Recovered
Interview With the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East
UN: Assyrians in Iraq Were Victims of Islamic State War Crimes
Armenia's Opposition Bloc Dissolves, Assyrian MP Suspended
Syriac Military Council: We Will Stop the Turkish Invaders
Iraq's Kurdish PM Voices Support for 'Legitimate Christian Demands' in Disputed Territories
Patriarch Sako Laments the Emigration of Iraqi Assyrians
Iran's Christians Say Officials Are Pressuring Them To Stay Out Of Protests
Fourth-century Assyrian Monastery Still Serves Worshippers
Disputed Territories in Northern Iraq

Iraq's Assyrians Fight to Save Threatened Ancient Language

(AFP) -- Syriac, an ancient dialect of Aramaic, has traditionally been the language spoken by Christians in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, mostly in homes but also in some schools and during church services. However, Syriac-speaking communities in the two countries have declined over the years, owing to decades of conflict driving many to seek homes in safer countries.

Assyria: Chronicling the Rise and Fall of the World's First Empire

By Susan Gonzalez

In his new book "Assyria: The Rise and Fall of the World's First Empire" (Basic Books), Yale professor Eckart Frahm offers a comprehensive history of the ancient civilization (circa 2025 BC to 609 BC) that would become a model for the world's later empires.

Iraq's Assyrian Community Experiencing Signs of New Life

By John Burger

Although the number of Christians in Iraq continues to be low, there are signs of rebirth of the Church in areas that were severely impacted by the Islamic State group's rule there almost a decade ago. On a recent visit to the United States, Archbishop Bashar Matti Warda outlined ways in which the Church is overcoming the struggles brought about by the ISIS reign of terror.

Assyrian Patriarch Meets With Iran's President

Tehran -- The Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East, Mar Awa III, praised Iran for fighting against the Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) terrorists in Iraq and Syria in defense of humanity and faith.

European Governments Defend Iraq's Patriarch Sako

By Joseph Tulloch

Eleven different European countries, together with the European Union, released a statement on Sunday evening affirming their support for Iraq's Patriarch Louis Raphaël Sako. The Patriarch -- who heads the country's Chaldean Church, and was made a Cardinal by Pope Francis in 2018 -- is facing criticism over comments concerning political representation for Iraq's ancient Christian minority.

Mosul Museum Reveals New Look After IS Destruction

By Yolande Knell

(BBC) -- The deliberate cultural vandalism committed by Islamic State (IS) militants shocked and appalled the world after they took over Mosul in Iraq in 2014. Now, the restoration of the recaptured city's iconic museum, heavily damaged by arson, bombing and looting, has become emblematic of its rebirth.

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