Dolls, Teddy Bears Return to Eastern Mosul After Islamic State
Top German Politicians Call for End to EU-Turkey Talks
New Report Finds ISIS' Caliphate 'Is on a Path to Collapse'
Western Powers 'Give Up On Diplomatic Resolution'
Overnight Russian, Syrian Airstrikes Hammer Islamist Rebels West of Aleppo
Turkey Hits PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Iraq Accuses ISIS of Using Chemical Weapons in Mosul
ISIS Killed 15 Civilians in Mosul Who Refused to Host Snipers At Home
Chinese Jihadis' Rise in Syria Raises Concerns
Assad: Chemical Weapons Reached Syria Via Turkey
Police Free Yazidi Girl From Islamic State Captivity in Mosul
Russia Complains to U.S. Over Exclusion From Syria Chemical Probe
Assyrians Among Illegal Immigrants Facing Deportation
At Mosul Waterfalls, Iraqis Savor Small Joys of Post-Islamic State Life
ISIS Moves Its Capital in Syria
New Syrian Constitution Should Recognize Assyrians As Natives
Mosul: The Battle for Iraq's Future
Pope Francis Sends Encouragement to Coptic Leader
Many Syrian Kurds Oppose Federalization, Division of Any Kind
Erdogan Says He's Set to Meet Trump in Washington
We Need Russian Co-operation in Syria, Says Bishop
Can Iran Stop Iraqi Kurdistan Independence?
Excluding Part of Iraq's Population Leads to Support for ISIS: German FM
Resentment Festers in Mosul: Just Ask the Other Saddam Hussein
Kurdish Office Reclosed By Local Kurdish Security Forces in Syria
Iraqi Forces Retake More Areas in West Mosul
Iraq's Shi'ite Ruling Coalition Opposes Kurds' Independence Referendum
Jews, Christians and Another Jihadi Pogrom in Egypt
As Bodies Wash Up From the Tigris, Some See Signs of Score-settling
Critics Demand Egypt's Al-azhar University Reform Islamic Education Following Coptic Church Suicide
Weakened Opposition Attempts to Thwart Erdogan
U.S. State Department Approves Arms Sale to Iraq
Weakening Syria's Government Could Help IS Group
Plight of Christians in Middle East a 'Stain on Humanity'
The Genocidal Crimes of Syrian Rebels
Turkey Arrests Dozens Over Referendum Protests
Civilians Trapped in Mosul Could Face Catastrophe, UN Warns
Sombre Mood As Iraq's Yazidis Mark New Year
ISIS Attacks Historic Christian Site in Egypt
Turkey Defends Against Referendum Fraud Allegations
ISIS: The Embodiment of Islam
On the Ground With Iraqi Forces in Battle for Mosul
Death and Destruction Haunt Iraq's Mosul
Iraq Opens New Tigris Bridge Escape Route for People Fleeing Mosul
Assyrians in Armenia Face Cultural and Educational Problems
Celebrating Easter in an Iraqi Town That Has Lost Its Assyrians
ISIS Fighters Trapped in Western Raqqa
Iran Intervenes to Prevent Fighting Between Kurdish and Shia Militias in Iraq
Turkey On The Road To Fascism
Turkish-backed Rebels Attack Kurdish Forces in Northern Syria
Syrian Christians Stress Unity to Fight Back Terrorism
Islamic State Seeking Alliance With Al Qaeda, Iraqi Vice President Says
Assyrian Town in Iraq Had 50,000, Now 7 Families Remain
Scale of Civilians Fleeing Iraq's Mosul 'Staggering' -- UN Relief Official
Kurdish Party Rejects Outcome of Turkish Referendum
RIP Turkey, 1921 -- 2017
Turkish President Granted Sweeping Powers in Referendum Vote
Iraq Accuses IS of Using Chemical Weapons in Mosul
Flooding Cuts Off Aid Supplies, Escape Route From West Mosul
The Kurds and the Future of the Yazidis in Shingal

Top German Politicians Call for End to EU-Turkey Talks

Bavaria's interior minister, Joachim Herrmann, has said talks on Ankara's accession to the EU should be immediately put to an end, not just paused. "We have to stop kidding ourselves: There are no common perspectives with the Turkey of Erdogan," he said.

Turkey Hits PKK Targets in Northern Iraq

Turkish warplanes have carried out airstrikes against the outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) targets in the Ava┼čin-Basyan and Zap regions of northern Iraq.

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