Iraq's Archaeological Sites Face Looting, Urbanisation Threats
Landmark Assyrian Church Project Stirs Mixed Sentiments in Turkey
Cardinal Sako Tells New Bishops to Work for the Church and Iraq
Iraqi Assyrians Are Target of Land Grab
Israeli Historians' New Study Claims 30-year Genocide Against Anatolian Christians
Iraqi Curriculum Issues Veiled Threat Against Assyrian Women
Iraq PM: 25% of Foreign Troops Withdrew in 2018
Muslim Throng Converges on Worship Site of Coptic Church in Egypt
Church Gunfire Part of Intimidation Campaign Against Iraq's Assyrians
Iraqi Assyrian Border Villages Bear the Brunt of Turkish Air Strikes
Aliph Announces Project to Restore Assyrian Monastery in Iraq
France Pledges 1 Billion Euros in Aid to Rebuild Iraq
Trump Threatens to 'Devastate Turkey Economically' If it Attacks Kurds in Syria
US Starts Pulling Troops Out of Syria, Talks With Turkey to Continue
Is Sisi Good for Egypt's Christians?
Iraq Deploys Special Forces to Kirkuk in Flag Dispute
Chaldean Priest: a New Year of Rebirth for Mosul
Assyrian Community Thrives Again in Southeastern Turkey
Construction of New Assyrian Church in Istanbul to Begin in February
Churches for Sale in Iraq Spark Fears Over 'Buried Christian History'
Children 'Still Being Tortured to Confess to ISIS Links' By Kurdish Security Forces
Christians Concerned About Religious Freedom If Turkey Enters Syria
Turkey Accused of Recruiting Ex-Isis Fighters in Their Thousands to Attack Kurds in Syria
Iraqi Assyrian Lawmaker -- Churches Being Sold 'Illegally' Nationwide
Some Progress But Also Political Deadlock in Iraq
The Scars of War: Iraq's Heritage in Ruins
Assyrian Group Calls for No-fly Zone in Syria to Stop Turkish Invasion
Cardinal Sako: Coexistence in Peace and Mutual Respect is the Only Solution for Iraq
State Department Awards Penn $2 Million to Preserve Cultural Heritage in Northern Iraq
Assyrian MP Says Iran a Rainbow of World Religions
The Troubled Relationship Between Iraqi Nationals and Kurds
Time Not Right for Pope Francis to Visit Iraq: Vatican
Iran's Lake Urmia Shows Signs of Revival
Women Strive to End Genital Mutilation in Kurdish Iraq
Fighting Erupts Between Rival Groups in Syria
Muslims and Christians in Iraq Unite in Appeal to Save Church From Demolition
The United States Can't Rely on Turkey to Defeat ISIS
Iraqi Airstrike Reportedly Hits Isis Leaders in Syria
Syria Allows Iraq to Hit ISIS Targets
Iraq's Sunni Authority Slams Grand Mufti's Anti-Christmas Edict
Turkey's War on Christian Missionaries
KRG Condemns Iraqi Cleric's Anti-Christmas Message
Christians in Syria 'At Risk of Extinction'
Vatican Secretary of State Discusses Situation of Assyrians in Iraq With Senior Kurdish Officials
Assyrian Officials in Syria: Our People Have Alternatives
Iraqi Archbishop Voices Gratitude to Trump for Aid to Nineveh Plains
Church's Political Role Sparks Debate Among Iraqi Assyrians
Iraqi Assyrians Celebrate Hopeful Christmas After Defeat of ISIS
Christmas Celebrations Around the World
Christmas Revived in Assyrian Village in Syria Devastated By Islamic State
Assyrians in Iraq's Kirkuk Enjoy Peaceful Christmas
Iraq Declares Christmas Day National Holiday
Iraq's Scary Neighbors
Iraqi Assyrians Prepare to Celebrate Christmas in Areas Liberated From ISIS
Pope Celebrates Christmas At Home As Deputy Presides in Iraq
Iran's Foreign Minister Hails Birth of Jesus in Christmas Tweet, But Crackdown Continues
Turkey's Christian Community Counts Down to Christmas
Iraq's Catholic Assyrian Refugees Wait to Leave Lebanon
Priest in Damascus: Celebrating Christmas to Overcome the Wounds of the War
Pope Francis Appoints Archivist Archbishop of Mosul

Iraq's Archaeological Sites Face Looting, Urbanisation Threats

By Karen Dabrowska

LONDON -- Anarchic development and looting in war-torn Iraq are the greatest threats to its treasure trove of archaeological heritage, warned Iraqi archaeologist Lamia al-Gailani. Gailani, an associate researcher at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, said more than one-third of the site of the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh, on the outskirts of Mosul, has been covered...

Landmark Assyrian Church Project Stirs Mixed Sentiments in Turkey

By Sibel Hurtas

For the first time in modern Turkey's 96-year history, a Christian minority is poised to begin construction of a new church with permission from the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. As a result of the efforts of the Syriac community, a plot in Istanbul's Yesilkoy district has been allocated to the Virgin Mary Ancient Syriac Church Foundation in the city for the project.

Cardinal Sako Tells New Bishops to Work for the Church and Iraq

Baghdad -- Fr Najib Mikhael Moussa and Fr Robert Jarjis were ordained today respectively as archbishop of Mosul and auxiliary of Baghdad. During the Mass for the episcopal ordinations, celebrated today (pictured) in Saint Joseph Cathedral, Card Louis Raphael Sako, delivered the homily.

Iraqi Assyrians Are Target of Land Grab

By Geoffrey P. Johnston

Despite the defeat of Islamic State forces on the battlefields of northern Iraq in 2017 and the advance of democracy in a country once ruled by the brutal Saddam Hussein, these are difficult times in Iraq, especially for beleaguered Christians of various ethnicities who have been dispossessed of their ancestral lands on the Nineveh Plain.

Iraqi Curriculum Issues Veiled Threat Against Assyrian Women

By Claire Evans

Questions persist throughout Iraq regarding whether ISIS is truly defeated or will rise again, perhaps under the banner of another terrorist organization. For Iraqi Christians, the question is often not if, but when. Though defeated militarily, the ideology of ISIS remains victorious in Iraq. Nowhere is this undercurrent more apparent than in the educational curriculum.

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