'N' for Nazarene -- the Remnants of Iraq's Assyrian Community
Turkey 'To Expand Syria Op' to Other Kurdish-held Towns
It's Disturbingly Easy to Buy Iraq's Archeological Treasures
Turkish-backed Forces Loot Syrian Town of Afrin
Christianity Could Disappear From Iraq -- Assyrian Priest
Turkey Says Its Forces Won't Stay in Syria's Afrin Region
Kurdish Militia Vows to Make Afrin 'An Ongoing Nightmare' for Turks
Abadi Vows to Achieve Political Majority in Iraq's Parliamentary Elections
Iraqi Assyrian Politics Just As Divided and Messy As The Rest
Mass Exodus in Syria's Afrin As Turkish Offensive Continues
Turkish Military Denies it Hit Syrian Hospital
The Fragility Of Iraq's Present and Future
U.N. Envoy: Turkey 'War Crimes' Against Christians in Syria Foreshadow 'Genocide'
Christian Activists Say Militias Target Religious Minorities in Syria
The Future of Kurds in Syria is Unclear
Russia, Iran and Turkey Hold More Syria Talks in Astana
The US Could Finish Off ISIS If Turkey Would Stop Fighting the Kurds
Yazidis Who Once Fled Isis Now Flee Turkish Offensive
Assyrian Leader Slams ISIS Crimes in Iraq
Saudis Will Pursue Nuclear Weapons If Iran Does
Water Cut in Syria's Afrin As Turkey Completes Encirclement
Turkey Raps European Parliament Over Call to Halt Afrin Offensive in Syria
IS Kills Several Iraqi Security Members in Separate Attacks in Eastern Iraq
America Shouldn't Send Endangered Religious Minority Refugees Back to Iran
France Raises Alarm on Wave of Fighters Returning From Syria, Iraq
New Book on Historical Roots of Iraq's Tumultuous Economy
The Ongoing Plight of Christians
Christian Activists Warn of Slaughter of Syrian Civilians in Afrin
Iraq's Water Crisis: a Threat to National Security
Iraqi PM Reopens Kurdish Airports to International Flights
Isis's New Insurgency in Kirkuk and Hawija in Iraq
U.S. Military Pays Syrian Rebels Up to $400 Per Month
U.S. Abandoning Kurds in Afrin While Seeking to Defend Islamist Terrorists
25 Killed in IS Attacks in Northern Iraq
Islam's 'Slow Motion Genocide' of Christians
The Long Road Back for Iraq's Minorities
Eight IS Militants, Including Two Senior Leaders, Apprehended in Mosul
Child Brides Sometimes Tolerated in Nordic Asylum Centers Despite Bans
Iraqi Police Arrest Group That Killed Assyrian Family
Iraq Starts Offensive Against Islamic State Near Oil-Rich Kirkuk
Turkish Warplanes Destroy 18 Kurdish Militant Targets in Iraq
Catholic Church in Turkey Attacked -- Again
Christian Refugee Returns to Syria Because Europe is Flooded With ISIS Supporters
Assyrian Doctor, Wife, and Mother Stabbed to Death in Baghdad
Assyrian Friar Trains Iraqis to Preserve Treasures Rescued From ISIS
UN: Rape Victims of Islamic State 'Were Like Living Corpses'
Turkey Says Siege of Syrian City of Afrin Has Begun
Iraqi Budget Drives Another Wedge Between Baghdad, Kurds
Ancient Manuscripts in Iraq Saved From ISIL
Senior Islamic State Figures Hiding in Mosul Tunnels
For the US and Russia, Turkey is a Major Problem
Turkey's War on Kurds Unsettles Fronts in Northern Syria
Does the EU Have a Syria Strategy?
Money Welcome But No Panacea for Iraq's Yezidi Victims
Turkey, Iraq to Carry Out Joint Operation Against Kurdish Militants in Iraq
Cubs of the Caliphate: Rehabilitating Islamic State's Child Fighters
Chaldean Assyrian Patriarch Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Hipsters, Sadrists, Shi'ites Plan for Iraq's Future
Syrian Troops Split Rebel-Held Enclave Near Capital
If Trends Hold, There May Be More Assyrians in US and Mexico Than in Iraq

'N' for Nazarene -- the Remnants of Iraq's Assyrian Community

By Nina Shea

In the Nineveh Plains, only a third of the Christian population that was driven by ISIS from their homes nearly four years ago has returned. A traumatized community is struggling to overcome the daunting reality of rebuilding an area left in a post-apocalyptic state. An area that is still insecure.

Turkey 'To Expand Syria Op' to Other Kurdish-held Towns

Ankara (AFP) -- President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday vowed to expand Turkey's Syria campaign to other Kurdish-held areas up to the Iraqi border, a day after ousting Kurdish militia from their former enclave of Afrin.

It's Disturbingly Easy to Buy Iraq's Archeological Treasures

By Sigal Samuel

She can't remember the exact date of her kidnapping. But it was springtime when the blur of bodies burst into her home, breaking first the silence, then the stone and glass. Someone rushed at her with outstretched hands, grabbed her head, and pulled.

Turkish-backed Forces Loot Syrian Town of Afrin

By Eliza Mackintosh, Ruth Hetherington and Ghazi Balkiz

(CNN) -- Syrian rebel fighters backed by Turkey went on a looting spree in Afrin on Sunday after seizing control of the Kurdish-held town following a two-month siege, observers said.

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