The Slow Exodus of Assyrians From Baghdad
Homes for Homs
China's Crucial Role in Winning Syria Peace
War, Displacement Reshuffle Syria's Demographic Map
Pentagon Denies U.S.-led Strike Hit Syrian Regime
Many Iraqi Legislators Call for Canceling Election Results
America's Strategy Against Islamic State is Storing Up Trouble
Iraq to Prosecute People Violating Ramadan Fast in Public
Syria Dismisses U.S. Demands
Iraq Elections: Will Sadr Seek a New Beginning With Turkey?
Islam and the West Are Incompatible
Chaldean Patriarch Congratulates Surprise Iraqi Election Winner
A Mostly Non-Assyrian Militia Won 2 Of Iraqi Assyrian's Parliamentary Seats
Is It Time to Carve Turkey Out of NATO?
Found in Yonkers: An Ancient Prayer and an Assyrian Church
Iraqi Lawmaker-Elect Vows to Push for Assyrian Province
Turkey's Assyrian Community Welcomes Property Return
US in Contact With Al Sadr After Shock Win in Iraq Election
Are Iraq's Communists on the Rise Again?
Can Iraq's Sadr Swing a Non-sectarian Government?
U.S. Warplanes Take Out ISIS Sleeper Cell in Iraq
Israeli Parliament Debates Bill Promoting Kurdish Statehood
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in PKK Attack in North Iraq
Archbishop: Naming Chaldean As Cardinal is Gift to Struggling Church
Syrian Military Retakes Full Control Of Damascus
U.S. and Israel Should Recognize the Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
The Systematic Persecution of Christians is an International Tragedy
Turkmen, Arabs in Kirkuk Give 48-hour Ultimatum to Iraq Electoral Commission
Iraqi Electoral Commission Cancels Ballots of 103 Polling Stations Over Irregularities
30,000 Shiites in Iraq Voted for Christian Babylon List
Nearly a Year Since Fall of Iraq's Mosul, Hunt for Bodies Goes on
Iraq's Challenge is Unity for the Good of the Country
Pope Francis Names Embattled Iraqi Patriarch Louis Raphaƫl I Sako As Cardinal
Islamic State Surrendering in Syria's Capital
Cleric Sadr Meets Iraq PM Abadi, Hinting At Coalition
Turkey's Russia Arms Deal Ratchets Up Tensions With US
Iraq's Elections Commission Rejects Claims of Voter Fraud
Iraq's Surprise Election Results Raise Questions About Next Leader
Syrian Family Finds Shelter, Job in Assyrian Church in Turkey
Putin Calls on Europe to Help Rebuild Syria
U.S. Ends Aid for Northwestern Syria
Final Result Gives Al-Sadr's Coalition Most Seats in Parliament
What Iraq's Election Results Mean for U.S. Policy There
UN Urges Probe Into Alleged Fraud in Iraq Election
Syria's Assad Meets With Putin in Russia
50 Israeli MPs Endorse Bill Recognizing Turkey's Assyrian, Armenian Genocide
Denmark Pulls Special Forces Out of Iraq
Allawi's Coalition Calls for Annulling Results of Iraq Parliamentary Elections
Iraqis Protest in Kirkuk Over Alleged Voting Fraud
Iraqis Embrace Pragmatism to Depart From Sectarian Politics
Iraq's PM Congratulates Moqtada Al Sadr on Election Victory
Election Success for Al-Sadr Shows Iraqi Voters Shaking Off Foreign Intervention
Israeli MP Introduces Bill to Recognize Assyrian, Greek, Armenian Genocide
First Female Communist Elected in Iraq's Najaf
Iraqi Assyrian Priest's Cause for Canonization Officially Opened
Turkey Slams Proposed French Changes to Quran
Violence Taints Election in Iraq's Kurdistan Region
Congress is Still Doing Nothing to Save Christians in the Middle East
Islam's Erasure of Christianity
Shiite Cleric Sadr Leads in Iraq's Initial Election Results

The Slow Exodus of Assyrians From Baghdad

By Claire Evans

The threat of violence defines everything in Iraq. Whether it is the defining feature of how one safely lives or how society organizes to achieve change, the possibility of violence is always present. This leaves Christians in a challenging predicament.

Homes for Homs

By John Pontifex

Hundreds of displaced people in Syria will soon be going back to their homes as work is set to begin on a long-awaited building repair project in an ancient city devastated by bomb damage.

China's Crucial Role in Winning Syria Peace

By Finian Cunningham

China is stepping up its involvement in Syria, not with its military, but with cash -- and lots of it. For Beijing, war-torn Syria is a golden opportunity for reconstruction business. For Damascus, prosperity means peace.

War, Displacement Reshuffle Syria's Demographic Map

By Maya Gebeily and Rouba El Husseini

BEIRUT (AFP) -- Seven years of war and massive displacement have redrawn Syria's demographic map, erecting borders between the country's ethnic, religious, and political communities that will be hard to erase.

Pentagon Denies U.S.-led Strike Hit Syrian Regime

The Pentagon denied reports Thursday that the U.S.-led coalition had killed at least 12 pro-regime fighters in Syria. "These reports are false, the coalition did not strike any Syrian army positions in eastern Syria," Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Kone Faulkner said in a statement.

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