Will Turkey Succeed in Turning the Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque?
Understanding The Assyrian Militias Of Iraq And Syria
Iraq Seeks International Help to Investigate Islamic State Crimes
Iraq's Yazidis and Assyrians Remain Unconvinced By Kurdistan Referendum
Armed Disputes Reveal Iraqi Assyrians' Discord
Assyrian Leaders Welcome Support From Trump, Congress to Rebuild Homeland in Iraq
Corruption, Nepotism Obvious Under Erdogan
Iraqi Kurdish Independence Referendum Will Fuel Instability, Turkey Says
Aleppo Residents Return to Rebuild Syria's Shattered City
Turkey Faces Kurdish Quandary in Iraq, Syria
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Says West Has 'Betrayed' Christian Minorities
Did ISIS Inadvertently Uncover the Secret to the "lost" Hanging Gardens of Babylon?
Islamic State Threatens More Bloodshed in Iran
Thousands Flee As Iraq Steps Up Airstrikes on IS-held Town
Iraqi Assyrians Are Racing Against Time
Hungarian Leader: 'It Is a Duty to Help Our Christian Brothers'
Assyrians Face 'Biggest, Greatest Challenge' in Iraq
Pressure Mounts to Roll Back Kurdish Independence Referendum
Christian Converts Leave Iran for Turkey, Claiming Persecution
Mideast Patriarchs Call on Pope Francis to 'Scold' World Leaders Over Christian Exodus
Iraq's Turkmen Areas Become Battlefield in Kurdish Referendum Debate
Iraqi Assyrians Fill Pews in Churches Burned Down By ISIS
ISIS Storm Strategic City in Southern Hasakah
ISIS Nearly Trapped in Central Syria As Main Supply Line is Cut By Syrian Army
Turkey Ending Support for Syrian Rebels 'Goodwill Gesture Towards Damascus'
US-backed Syrian Fighters Win Strategic Victory Near Raqqa
Turkey Increasingly Dangerous for Christians
Inside the Air Campaign Against ISIS in Iraq
Detroit Iraqi Assyrians Fearful After Deportation Raids
Iraq's Turkmen Cry Foul in Advance of Kurdish Independence Poll
In 'Liberated' Mosul, ISIS Still Imperils the Path to City's Revival
Iraq's Kurds Stick to Independence Vote Despite U.S. Request to Postpone it
Lavrov Reveals Why 2016 Russia-US Syria Deal Failed
Archbishop of Mosul Says Over 600 Assyrian Families Have Returned
Assyrian Genocide In Iraq: The Patriarch's Plea
Turkish Jets Shell Several Areas in Kurdistan Region, Says Official
Iraqi Bishop Urges Support for Returning Assyrians
Nineveh: The Assyrian Nation's Last Stand
Minority Religious Groups Suffer in Iran
Al-Qaeda Faction Begins Recruiting New Fighters in Southern Syria
Kurdish Separation Justified, Says Iraqi Sunni Leader
Second Unit of Yazidi Women Fighters Moves Into Raqqa to Fight ISIS
Why a Controversial Iraqi Shiite Cleric Visited Saudi Arabia
The Men Who Trade ISIS Loot
'More Than One Kurdish State' May Emerge, Iraqi Official Predicts
Islamic State Still a Threat As Mosul Residents Return to City in Ruins
Yazidis Rebuild Shrine Destroyed By Islamic State
Russian, US Top Military Officers Discuss Situation in Syria, Iraq
With Rosaries in Their Hands, Christians Flee Raqqa and ISIL
A History Of Violence -- The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel
Kurds Shutting Down Dozens of Private Schools in Northeast Syria
Iraq's Brain Drain
7 Christians Rescued From ISIS in Syria's Raqqa
Pope Names New Bishop for Chaldean Eparchy of San Diego
Iraqi Forces Start Military Offensive Against ISIL in Tal Afar
U.S. Denies Bombing Iraqi Shi'ite Militia Near Syrian Border
The Kurdish Independence Poll is a KRG Elite Power Grab
Iraq to Hang 27 for ISIS Camp Speicher Massacre
ISIS Seized 825 Million USD From Banks in Iraq in 2014
UN Warns of More Evacuations Amid Fighting in Iraq

Will Turkey Succeed in Turning the Hagia Sophia Into a Mosque?

By Uzay Bulut

The Islamist Felicity Party (Turkish: Saadet Partisi) organized the "Great Jerusalem demonstration" on July 30 in Istanbul. This event attended by thousands of people who condemned Israel following the recent incidents on the Temple Mount.

Understanding The Assyrian Militias Of Iraq And Syria

By Mark Chamoun

The threat of ISIS and current crises in the region led to the emergence of several Christian militia groups in Syria and Iraq, but what are these groups exactly? The plight of Christians in the Middle East has been one made up of ongoing violence, displacement, and devastation.

Iraq Seeks International Help to Investigate Islamic State Crimes

By Riham Alkousaa

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) -- Iraq asked for international help on Wednesday to collect and preserve evidence of crimes by Islamic State militants and said it is working with Britain to draft a United Nations Security Council resolution to establish the investigation.

Armed Disputes Reveal Iraqi Assyrians' Discord

By Saad Salloum

BAGHDAD -- Iraqi Christians will have to unite under one banner and work past their various political affiliations and differing doctrines to heal the division that threatens the religion from within, the head of the Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq said after two armed Christian factions clashed in...

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