Assyrian Villages Caught in Crossfire Between Turkish Army and PKK
The Return of the Islamic State to Iraq
Prime Minister Al-Sudani Supports Baghdad's Chaldean Church Conference
Chaldean Catholic Bishops Call for Unity
4,000-Year-Old Assyrian Documents Describe Local Cheese
Archbishop Najeeb: In ISIS-scarred Northern Iraq, a 'Return to Humanity'
The Story of the Assyrian Church of the East in China
4th-century Assyrian Church Discovered in Bahrain
Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako: Target Was Church Assets
Mosul's minorities: Challenges and coexistence after fall of Islamic State
Assyria: The Rise and Fall of the World's First Empire
Iraq's Assyrian Community Defies Extinction
Assyrian Heritage Museum Opens First Virtual Exhibition on Women in Modern History
Crosses Damaged By Jihadists to Join Exhibition
Iraq Restores Nineveh Wall to Include it in World Heritage List
Catholic Assyrians Celebrate With Blessing of New Church Foundation Stone
Iraq Retrieves Smuggled Mesopotamian Treasures
Assyrian Cultural Association in Syria Trains Students to Become Teachers
Ten Years After ISIS Church is 'Still Alive' in Iraq, Say Archbishops
Over a Century of Assyrian and Lebanese History
The British Museum's Struggle to Show One of Its Greatest Assyrian Reliefs
Turkey Bombs Assyrian Village in North Iraq
Assyrian Church of the East Delegation Visits Russia
Switzerland Returns Three Confiscated Assyrian Artefacts to Iraq
Ten Years After ISIS Invaded Mosul -- Where Does That Leave Iraq's Indigenous Assyrians?
The Assyrian Renaissance
First-Ever Discovery of Ancient Assyrian Military Camps Includes Biblical Site
Turkey Attacked North Iraq Over 800 Times This Year
10 Years After Mosul's Destruction, Will Assyrians Come Back?
Teen Charged With Attempted Murder in Assyrian Bishop Stabbing
Cardinal Sako Reinstated As Chaldean Patriarch in Iraq
Inequalities in Wealth Distribution Within Imperial Assyrian Graves
St. Catherine's Church -- Assyrian Monks in Vilnius
Ten years after ISIS: less than 50 assyrian families have returned to Mosul
Australia Drops Court Fight With X Over Assyrian Priest Stabbing Video
Restoration of 5th Century Assyrian Monastery Under Way in Turkey
Turkish Textbooks: Turning History on Its Head
Assyrians Founded Anatolia's First Company 4000 Years Ago
Iraq Receives Assyrian Artifacts From Switzerland
Assyrian Parties in Kurdistan Reject Election Court's Decision, Threaten Protests
Kurdistan Rights Commission Criticizes Seat Allocation
Stone Sculpture Depicting Assyrian Goddess of Love and War Found in Iraq
An Assyrian Bard Weaving Tales in Hollywood
Alliance Formed to Advocate for Assyrian Rights in Iraq
The Invisible Inhabitants of the Arab World
Assyriologist Solves Archaeological Mystery From 700 BC
Chaldean Community Council Opens Incubator Business Center in El Cajon
Sydney Teenager Planned Catastrophic Acts Against Assyrians or Jews
The Lesser Known Genocide of Assyrians
Persecution of Assyrians Follows Them From the Middle East
Assyrian Language Conference Brings International Research Excellence to UK
Australian Police Say Teens Planned to Attack Jews After Stabbing Assyrian Priest
Assyrian Bishop Returns for First Sermon Since Stabbing
The Genocide of Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians in Turkey
For Many, the Australian Story Starts in Fairfield
Seven Associates of Teenager Who Stabbed Assyrian Bishop Arrested
Sydney's Greek, Armenian and Assyrian Communities March for Genocide Recognition
X Vows to 'Robustly Challenge' Australia Order to Remove Stabbing Posts
New Altar is Consecrated At Destroyed Iraq Church
Church Complex Near Ancient City of Ur Points to Iraq's Christian Roots

The Return of the Islamic State to Iraq

Baghdad -- A crescendo of attacks and an increased presence on the ground, suggesting an attempt to 'reconstitute' itself as a group in order to strike back and conquer more and more ground. The United States is sounding the alarm to the government in Baghdad, faced with the danger of the return of the Islamic State to Iraq and Syria, in the tenth anniversary of the rise of the jihadist movement...

Prime Minister Al-Sudani Supports Baghdad's Chaldean Church Conference

On Thursday, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani voiced support for the Chaldean Church Synod Conference, in its annual session, in Baghdad. According to a statement from the PM's office, "Al-Sudani welcomed Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Sako and bishops, expressing support for holding the Chaldean Church Council conference in Baghdad.

Chaldean Catholic Bishops Call for Unity

By Luke Coppen

Chaldean Catholic bishops have urged their flocks worldwide to show "unity and togetherness," in a message sent from their synod meeting in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. In the July 17 message, the bishops encouraged the more than 600,000 members of the Chaldean Catholic Church to remain firm in faith, despite the severe trials they have experienced in recent years.

4,000-Year-Old Assyrian Documents Describe Local Cheese

Archaeologists have unearthed intriguing details about the daily life in ancient Anatolia, thanks to tablets found in the Kültepe-Kaniş-Karum ruins of Kayseri in Central Türkiye. These documents dating back 4,000 years, reveal the existence of a unique cheese known as "Kültepe Cheese.

Archbishop Najeeb: In ISIS-scarred Northern Iraq, a 'Return to Humanity'

By Delphine Allaire

In June 2014, Mosul and the Nineveh Plains area of northern Iraq were conquered by so-called Islamic State. The terrorists left a trail of destruction in their wake, and a quarter of the population, primarily Christians and Yazidis, fled the city. The memory remains painful despite the liberation of the city three years later.

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