Scholars Work to Preserve Assyrian Culture Amidst Middle East Turmoil
Chaldean Cultural Center and History Museum Spans Iraq to Detroit
Syrian Force Urges Raqqa Jihadists to Surrender By End-May
It's Time for NATO to Call Turkey's Bluff
PYD Continues Arbitrary Arrests of Critics
U.S. and Russia Boost Dialogue About Syria Operations to Include Generals
Honouring the Crucifix That Survived ISIS
Iraq Probes Allegations of Human Rights Violations in Mosul
New Bridge Reunites Mosul As Iraqi Forces Gear Up for Final Assault
Iraq Needs International Community's Support, Says China's UN Representative
U.S.-Turkey Dispute Over Washington Protest Heats Up
France Says Not Planning to Reopen Embassy in Syria
UN Envoy: All Syria Parties Agree to Talks on Constitution
UN Official: Islamic State's Days Numbered in Iraq
Armageddon in Iraq? US Pastor Details ISIS Destruction of Assyrian City
Iraq's Assyrians Demand Reconstruction of Religious Sites
Syria's Third-largest City, Homs, Clear of Opposition
Boundary Between Iraq, Kurdish Territory Divides Communities
Islamic State Territory In Mosul Shrinks, But Heavy Fighting Looms In Old City
Russian Forces Arrive in Southern Syria
US Pitches Plan to Russia to Avoid Armed Conflict in Syria
Coptic Pope: Christians in Egypt Are 'Struggling for Their Very Existence'
Police Consider Follow-up After Peaceful Protesters Beaten At Turkish Ambassador's Residence
Why Erdogan's US Visit Will Only Create More Problems for Turkey
UN Says 200,000 More Expected to Flee Iraq's Mosul
US Summons Turkey Envoy for Embassy Brawl
Airstrikes Fuel Mosul Gains As Iraq Pushes for Quick Victory
Iraq President Says Scale of Mosul Destruction 'Horrendous'
Archbishop of Erbil Highlights the Urgent Need of Iraq's Assyrians
How the U.S. Could Prosecute the Turkish Guards Who Beat Protesters
France, Germany Resist U.S. Plan for Bigger NATO Role Against Islamic State
US, Turkey Spar Over Erdogan Visit Violence, Kurdish Support
U.S. Military Says it Conducted Airstrike on Pro-government Forces in Syria
Thousands of U.S. Forces May Still Be Needed for Post-ISIS Iraq
The Islam in Islamic Terrorism
New Footage Shows Erdogan Watching Washington Brawl
Senator McCain Calls for Expulsion of Turkish Ambassador
Kurdish Unit Defects to Iraqi Army Ranks in Nineveh Province
Yazidi Leader: West to Blame for Our Genocide
US Lawmakers Demand Swift Action for Violence By Turkish Embassy Staff
Syria, Iraq Discuss Direct Cooperation Against Islamic State
On the Plains of Nineveh, Where the Priests Have to Double As Master Builders
Iraqi Yazidis in 2017
Sunnis Seek Greater Say in Post-IS Iraq But Face Resistance
USCIRF Justifies Not Recommending Iraq and Egypt As 'Countries of Particular Concern'
Two Officials From Baghdad Arrested for Forging Documents to Illegally Sell Christian Homes
State Department Expresses Concern Over Clashes Between Turkish Security and Protesters
Islamic State Mining Mosul to Stop Families Fleeing
In Defense of Christians Condemns Turkish Attack on Protestors in Washington
Iraqi Shia Cleric Says Christian Infidels Must Convert or Be Killed
'Erdo─čan's Bodyguards' in Violent Clash With Protesters in Washington
Coptic Christians Targeted By ISIS Say Egyptian Government Not Helping
Kurds Disappointed By Trump Statements After Erdogan Meeting
Trump and Erdogan Meet Amid Tensions Over Arming Kurds in Syria
International Religious Freedom Worsening in Both 'Depth and Breadth'
ISIS 'On Brink of Defeat' After Losing 90% of West Mosul
The Turkey I No Longer Know
Putin: Russia Sees No Need to Arm the Kurds in Syria
The Persecuted Religious Minorities in Iraq and Syria
Bishops Ask for International Protection for Christians Iraq, Chaldean Patriarch Disagrees

Syrian Force Urges Raqqa Jihadists to Surrender By End-May

(Reuters) -- A U.S.-backed alliance of Syrian militias promised on Thursday that no harm would come to Islamic State fighters in Raqqa who turned themselves in by the end of the month, calling on them to lay down their arms ahead of an expected assault on the city.

It's Time for NATO to Call Turkey's Bluff

By Eric Edelman and Merve Tahiroglu

Thursday's NATO Summit provides an opportunity for the alliance to get tough on its putative Turkish ally. Under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's destabilizing policies in Europe and the Middle East have made it appear less an ally and more a Russian Trojan horse.

PYD Continues Arbitrary Arrests of Critics

Suliman Oso, a member of the Yekiti Kurdish Party from the city of al-Qamishli in the northeastern Hasaka governorate, was arrested by the PKK's Syrian offshoot the Democratic Union Party (PYD) at his residence and taken to an undisclosed location on Tuesday.

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