Promise to See This Film
US Threatens to Cut Payments to Iraqi Kurds If They Break With Baghdad
Iraqis Wonder What Will Follow Islamic State in Mosul
Controversial Conference on Future of Iraq's Assyrians Begins in Brussels
U.N. Goes Stealth to Help Rebuild ISIS-ravaged Iraq
ISIS in Lebanon: the Courage of a Christian Town on the Frontline of Jihad
Turkish Military Returned Fire Against Syrian Kurds
Kurdish YPG Fighters Find ISIS Tunnels in Syria's Raqqa
Turkish-backded Islamist Rebels Bomb Kurdish Villages in Syria's Aleppo
Turkey, EU Can't Seem to Walk Away From Each Other
Turkish Army Tanks Pour Into Northern Aleppo
Is Being Christian a Crime in Michigan?
Kirkuk and the Kurdish Referendum
ISIS Almost Defeated in Iraq, But Thousands of Assyrians Refuse to Return to Their Homes
ISIS Losing More Ground in Iraq's Mosul
Judge Issues Stay Halting Deportation of 1,444 Iraqis Nationwide
Nuncio Encourages Assyrians to Return to Iraq
Syrian Islamists Reject Russian-Turkish 'Intervention' in Idlib
Mosul Battle to End in Days As Troops Advance in Old City: Iraqi General
ISIS Counterattacks West Mosul Areas Captured By Iraq
Why Turkey Chose Qatar
Turkey's Identity Crisis
Commando Raids on ISIS Yield Vital Data in Shadowy War
China: Political Solution in Syria Speeds Refugees' Return
ISIS Trained More Than 1,600 Children on How to Behead People, Says Kurdish Official
Deadly Suicide Bombings Hit Shopping District in Mosul
US Concerned Over Turkey's Actions Against Opposition
Syria Regime Penetrates IS-held Eastern Province
Turkish Military Buildup in Northern Syria Threatens Raqqa Operation
Turkey Seizes Assyrian Monastery Property
Deposing Assad Could Hurt Syria's Christians
The Great Muslim Civil War -- and Us
After Mosul: The Iraqi Towns Still Under ISIS Control
For Egypt's Copts, If it Isn't Extremism, It's Sectarianism
US Judge Issues Stay on Deportation of Assyrian and Iraq Immigrants
Critics Say U.S. Is 'Sleepwalking' Into Wider Role in Syria
Race Is On to Save Chaldean Christian Culture From ISIS Destruction
The Reason Tehran is Against Referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan
Proposed Kurdish Banknotes to Include Assyrian Language
U.S. Will Reclaim Weapons From Kurds After ISIS Defeat
Turkey Sends Military Reinforcements Into Northern Syria
ISIS Destroys One of Iraq's Most Iconic Mosques
Egyptian Church Raided, Chained Off By Police to Prevent Christians From Worshiping
Iraq's Army Encircles ISIS in Mosul's Old City
Kurdish Authorities Delaying Civilians Fleeing ISIS
Top US Catholics Join Evangelicals Opposing ICE Arrests of Iraqi Assyrians
Deporting Iraqi Assyrians Isn't What Trump Intended
Do Copts Have a Future in Egypt?
European Parliament Resolution Calls on Turkey to Protect Cultural Heritage
Syrian Conflict Moves Into New and Dangerous Territory
Chaldean Patriarch: Assyrians Must Be Active in Rebuilding Villages
Iraqi Turkmen Facing 'Pressure' to Allow Iraq's Fragmentation
European Parliament Committee Calls for Suspension of Turkey's EU Accession Negotiations
Why I'm Trying to Stop Mass Deportation of Detroit Assyrians
Assyrian Community Pushes Back on Iraqi Deportations
The Problem With Kurdish Independence
EU in Support of Iraq's Territorial Integrity
Iraq's PM Visits Saudis To Promote Reconciliation Between Shi'a, Sunnis
What Happens After the Islamic State is Defeated in Iraq and Syria?
Trump and the Battle for Eastern Syria

Promise to See This Film

By Ariel Zohar

Recently, in Fairfield NSW, a memorial commemorating the Assyrian genocide was desecrated and sprayed with graffiti saying 'F**k the Jews, Armenians and Assyrians'.

Iraqis Wonder What Will Follow Islamic State in Mosul

The collapse of the Islamic State in Iraq's second largest city seems a foregone conclusion, despite reports by the UN's refugee agency that about 100,000 residents of Mosul are being used as human shields and that the fighting is especially brutal.

U.N. Goes Stealth to Help Rebuild ISIS-ravaged Iraq

By Kylie Atwood

U.S.-backed Iraqi forces are close to tearing the city of Mosul out of ISIS' stranglehold. Once they do, the sprawling city will join dozens of other towns and villages that need to be rebuilt virtually from the ground up.

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