ISIS Used Assyrian Church As a Shooting Range
Turkey's Wavering Support for Religious Freedom
HRW Report: Turkish People Faced Massive Rights Violations in 2016
Egypt Drops Case Against Muslim Mob That Attacked Christian Woman
Rebuilding Syria's Decimated Medical Infrastructure
Syrian Rebels Agree to Attend Peace Talks in Kazakhstan
KRG Speaker: Independent Kurdish State Complex Issue
Turkey Passes Last Article of Constitutional Change
Catholic Leader Says Europe Will Become an Islamic State Because of the Migrant Crisis
In Parts of Mosul, a Semblance of Normality Despite War
Two Chinese Muslims Held Over Turkey Nightclub Attack
US Alarmed By Turkey's Anti-Western Rhetoric
Turkey Completes Building Wall on Borders With Syria, Iraq
Iraq Makes Swift Territorial Gains Against IS in Mosul
US 'Thrilled' With Iraqi Progress in Mosul
ISIS Damage to Iraq Nears $35 Billion: Iraqi PM
Turkey Suspends Pro-Kurdish Lawmaker for Genocide Comment
Iraqi Forces Breach ISIS Stronghold in Mosul
U.S. Bill to Provide Emergency Relief to Christian Genocide Survivors in Iraq and Syria
In England, An Effort To Preserve Ancient, Epic Assyrian Poetry
Iraq Forces Advance On Second Mosul Bridge In Battle To Retake City
Turkish Officials Seek Asylum in Norway
Iraq's Yazidi Community Clings to Homeland Amid Genocide
Syria's Catholic Leader Calls For End To Western Sanctions
Syrian Army Accuses Israel of Attacking Strategic Military Airport Near Damascus
ISIS Booby-trapped Toys to Stop Christians Returning
100% of Christians Face Persecution in These 21 Countries
Turkey's Politics of Hypocrisy
The Fight for Mosul and Turkish-Iraqi Relations
Erdogan Spokesman Slams U.S. Military for Backing Syrian Kurdish Militia
Humanitarian Crisis in Mosul Could Outlive Military Operations: UN Official
Trump's Nominee Grilled Over Question Of Assyrians In Middle East
Is Turkey Wiping Out Kurdish Institutions During Lengthy State of Emergency?
In Disputed Iraqi Territory, Rebuilding A City Means Doing It Yourself
Assyrian Family Shares Tale of Capture, Displacement
US Says PYD to Take Part in Syria Peace Talks
Kurdish Forces Encircle ISIS in West Raqqa
Turkey Destroys 14 PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Egypt's Coptic Christians Face Renewal of Violence
Political Uncertainty In Post-ISIS Iraq
Iraq Forces Advance in Mosul But Civilian Toll Mounts
U.S. Increases Support for Turkish Military Operations in Syria
Improved Relations With Turkey Depend on Withdrawal From Bashiqa: Iraqi PM
Turkey's Parliament Votes to Press on With Constitutional Reform Debate
Persecution Of Christians Intensifies In Egypt
Turkish President Sees Better Ties With U.S. Under Trump
Assad Says Ready to Discuss Everything, Vows to Take Back All Syria
Why Some Arabs in Syria Are Getting Lessons in Kurdish Politics
UN Inaction Impedes Resolution of Syria Crisis
Turkish PM Urges Unity Among Iraqi Turkmen
Blast in Syrian Town on Turkish Border Kills Nearly 50
Turkish Army, FSA Suffer Heavy Losses in Failed Offensive in East Aleppo
U.S. Military Aid is Fueling Big Ambitions for Syria's Leftist Kurdish Militia
Syrian Democratic Front Worried About Russia's Withdrawal From Syria
One Congressman's Plea to the US: Don't Abandon Iraq's Assyrians
Iraq PM Says Turkish Troops Problem Solved Soon
Iraq Military Chief Says PKK Stopped American Team From Saving Yezidi Village
The Secret Civilian Network Rescuing Yazidi Women From Isis
Turkish PM Visits Iraq Amid Spat Over Unauthorized Troops
Thousands Fired in New Wave of Turkey Coup Purges

ISIS Used Assyrian Church As a Shooting Range

By Jaco Klamer

"I don't understand how people can harm each other so much," sighs security guard Louis Petrus. Today, Louis has returned to his hometown for the first time: the Christian city of Qaraqosh, near Mosul, which he had to flee on 6 August 2014, when IS occupied the city.

Turkey's Wavering Support for Religious Freedom

By James Lankford

I walked into the Ankara airport on Dec. 20, after a long day of eye-opening meetings, to the news on CNN International -- the Russian ambassador to Turkey had just been shot. Our U.S.

HRW Report: Turkish People Faced Massive Rights Violations in 2016

Human rights in Turkey were increasingly trampled on in 2016 especially after the failed July 15, 2016, military coup, which punished more than 100,000 public workers and officials, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization outlined in its 687-page World Report 2017.

Rebuilding Syria's Decimated Medical Infrastructure

By Seema Sengupta

Rebuilding a nation from the ruins of war is no easy task, especially when the nature of the conflict is fratricidal. But if a devastated post-World War II Europe proves anything, it is that where there is unity of purpose all is possible.

Syrian Rebels Agree to Attend Peace Talks in Kazakhstan

By Kareem Shaheen

The Syrian opposition says it will attend peace talks sponsored by Turkey and Russia in Kazakhstan next week, in a key step in the latest attempt to end the six-year civil war in Syria. It is set to decide the makeup of its delegation on Monday.

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