Assyrian Contribution to National Progress Commended, Says Iran's President
Cardinal Sako Talks to Chaldean Clergy About Social Media, Pastoral Outreach
18 Assyrian Candidates Compete for 5 Quota Seats in Iraq
Iraq's New Parliament Speaker Visits Basra After Violent Protests
Drought, Dams and Dry Rivers: Iraqi Farmers Are Giving Up Hope
Iraq's Shiite Rivals Agree on Prime Minister
Iraq to Deploy Troops Along Border After Turkey Attacks on PKK
Assyrian Relief Expected to Raise Over $10m At Christie's New York
Iraq's Prime Minister Abadi Indicates he Will Not Seek Second Term
Pope Urges Continued Aid to People in Syria, Iraq
U.N. Is Called to Recognize Christian Genocide
The U.S. Needs to Remain Engaged in Iraq to Help Religious Minorities
Syriac Catholic Patriarch Celebrates Restored Cathedral
Kurds, Assyrians Split Over Syria School Curriculum
Iraqi Kurds Gear Up for Elections Hoping to End Turmoil
Mosul Will Rise Again As a Symbol of Hope and History
Coalition Strikes Target ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq
Turkey Masses Troops on Syrian Border, Braces for Refugees
Iraq on the Brink Again
30,000 Flee in Syria As UN Fears Century's 'Worst' Crisis
Calm Returns to Iraq's Basra, But Demands for Reform Persist
U.S. Congressman Says Religious Diversity Important for Iraq
18 Syrian Regime Fighters Killed in Clashes With Kurds
Calm Returns to Iraq's Basra After Week of Violent Protests
Iraq PM Under Pressure to Quit As Deadly Unrest Rocks Basra
Rockets Fired At Basra Airport As Violent Protests Grip Iraq
Syrian Democratic Forces Declares End to Using Child Soldiers
Deadly Clashes Between Regime and Kurdish Forces in Syria
Pentagon, White House Confer on Military Options in Syria
US Begins Military Exercise in Syria in Response to Russian Military Threats
Iraq Parliament to Convene on Saturday for Emergency Session to Discuss Basra Protests
Kurdish-led Council Deepens Power in Syria
Protesters in Iraq's Basra Attack Offices of Political Parties and State-run TV Channel
Hundreds of Refugees Return to Syria From Lebanon
Iraq Yazidis: The 'Forgotten' People of an Unforgettable Story
Egyptian Coptic Christians Hospitalized After Muslim Mob Attacks
Syrian Archbishop Warns of Plan to Oust Christians From Region
Time for an Era of Respect and Openness in Iraq: Cardinal Sako
New Iraq Parliament Holds First Session Despite Political Divisions
Egyptian Authorities Accused of Negligence in Face of Rising Anti-Christian Violence
Turkey Attempts to Mask Increasing Persecution
Syrian Army Enters Former YPG-held Town in Northern Aleppo
Iraq's Muqtada Al-Sadr Forms Parliamentary Majority Bloc
Turkey Turned Assyrian Churches Into Mosques and Storage Depots
Despite Promises, Trump Admin Fails Middle Eastern Christians
Congressman Fortenberry Focusing Efforts on Religious Minorities in Iraq
Kirkuk Turkmen Minority Forms 600-strong Militia for Self Defense
Muslims Attack Christians in Southern Egypt Over Homes Used As Churches
Iraq's Forgotten Casualties: Children Orphaned in Battle With ISIS
ISIS Never Went Away in Iraq
Syria Rebels Destroy Bridges in Anticipation of Offensive
Turkish Military Says Kills 19 Kurdish Militants in Northern Iraq
ACLU Says Removal Unlikely, Asks U.S. Court to Free Iraqi Detainees
Europe's Populists Take Their Fight to Sweden's Assyrian Utopia
Christians 'Pay the Cost' During Islamic Holiday
Meet the Iraqi Assyrians Trapped in Immigration Limbo
Four Christians in Iran Appeal Prison Sentences For Alleged Missionary Activities
Egypt Appoints First-ever Christian Woman As Governor
The Myth of Erdogan's Power
Status of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Remains Largely Unchanged

18 Assyrian Candidates Compete for 5 Quota Seats in Iraq

Eighteen Christian candidates are competing for five seats reserved for them in the Kurdistan Region parliament. In the past, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) were criticized for nominating their own people as candidates for quota seats.

Iraq's Shiite Rivals Agree on Prime Minister

Iraq's rival Shiite blocs in parliament have agreed on who they want as the next prime minister after making progress in negotiations towards forming a government, negotiators told Arab News.

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