Turkey's Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians Destroyed By '30-year Genocide'
Acts of Genocide: 100 Years Since the Massacres
Archbishop of Erbil: Is the US Abandoning Assyrians At Risk in Iraq?
Assyrians in North Iraq Recommit to a Homeland After Attacks
Cardinal Sako Slams Christian Discrimination and Marginalization in Iraq
Assyrians Oppose a Turkish 'Safe Zone' in Syria
International Conference Explores Armenian, Pontic Greek and Assyrian Genocides
Christian Villages Hit Along New 'Front Line' in Syria
Authorities in Northern Iraq Investigate Beating, Robbery of Assyrian Women
Assyrian Woman, Daughter Stabbed By Armed Men in Northwest Iraq
Iran Monitoring Imprisoned Assyrian Pastor's Family
Assyrian Patriarch Meets With Former Kurdish Leader
Debate Rages in Egypt As Christian Women Told to Cover Up
Assyrians in Syria: Tradition Steeped in Ancient History
Memorial for Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide Victims Held in Swedish Parliament
A 'Terror Factory' Is Targeting Iranian Assyrians
The Thirty-Year Genocide: Turkey's Destruction of Its Christian Minorities
Danger to the Survival of Cultural Heritage in Times of Conflict
ISIS Will Target Christians in Annual Ramadan Offensive
Persecution of Christians 'Coming Close to Genocide' in Middle East -- Report
Turkish-Iraqi Border: Turks Bomb and Kurds Use Assyrians As Human Shields
Iranian Militias Plague Iraq's Nineveh Plains
Imperialism, Colonialism and Oppression in the Middle East
The Fate of Iraq and Assyrians
U.S. and Israel Should Recognize the Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
Assyrians in Sweden Consider Forming Police Force After Receiving Death Threats
How Two Iraqi Assyrian Peacemakers Are Rebuilding Community After ISIS
Assyrians in Sweden Expect a Civil War
25,000 Assyrians Returned to Iraq's Baghdede After ISIS
The Memory of the Assyrian, Armenian, Greek Genocide Should Be Preserved
Assyrian New Year Festival to Usher in Year 6769
Alabama Becomes 49th U.S. State to Recognize the Assyrian, Armenian, Greek Genocide
Turkish Minorities Struggle to Keep Their Voices Alive
Catholic Prelates Aghast At 'unspeakable' Suffering in Syria
Iran's Furtive Occupation of Iraq's Assyrian Communities
For Assyrians Who Fled Iraq, New Zealand Attacks Brought Back Memories
Assyrian Artist's Studio a Big Draw for International Musicians
Increased Fears for Christians in Iran
Archbishop of Erbil: Iraq's Christians Need to Thrive, Not Just Survive
Turkey to Restore Assyrian, Armenian Churches Damaged By Kurdish Group
Assyrians Rising Up From the Ashes in North Iraq
Christianity in the Middle East Threatened With Extinction
Syrian Prelates Visit Ghouta, See 'Unspeakable Suffering'
Yazidis Demand Iraq Actively Search for Their Missing Persons
New Threats and Intimidation Against Iraq's Assyrians
Kurdish YPG Group Oppress Assyrians in Syria: Activist
Patriarch Sako Calls for a National Covenant Against Extremism and Violence
Symposium Marks 100th Anniversary of Turkish Genocide of Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians
Free Assyrian Language Course in Turlock, California
Survivors in a Great War
Man of Peace
Volunteers Repair Assyrian Monastery in Mosul
Yazidi Women and Children Tell Horror Stories of ISIS Captivity
Dutch Parliament Recognizes 1915 Armenian Massacre As Genocide
Turkey: The Case of the Missing Priests
Iranian Christians Arriving in U.S., But Questions Remain
Assyrian Community in Australia Receives State Funding
Assyrian Former Swiss Officer Gets Suspended Sentence for Fighting ISIS
Assyrian Community Leaders Meet With Ministers of Australian Government
New History of Turkish Genocide of Christians Sounds Dark Warning for the Future

Turkey's Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians Destroyed By '30-year Genocide'

By Jack Montgomery

Turkey's Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian Christians, which predominated in the region before its colonisation by Turkic Muslims, were subjected to a "staggered campaign of genocide" from 1894 to 1924, which reduced them from 20 per cent of the population to less than 2 per cent, according to Israeli researchers.

Acts of Genocide: 100 Years Since the Massacres

By Dean Kalimniou

Approximately 300,000 Armenian and 25,000 Assyrian subjects of the Ottoman Empire were killed during the Hamidian massacres of 1895. It is estimated that 100,000 "Greeks" were also killed, although this may mainly refer to Armenian, Assyrian and Arabic members of the Greek Orthodox church rather than just ethnic Greeks per se.

Archbishop of Erbil: Is the US Abandoning Assyrians At Risk in Iraq?

Archbishop Bashar Warda, one of the leading voices on behalf of persecuted and displaced Christians in Iraq, released today an urgent statement regarding the retreat of U.S. personnel from key areas in the country. "We are gravely concerned regarding the recent draw down of the U.S. presence in Iraq," the archbishop said.

Assyrians in North Iraq Recommit to a Homeland After Attacks

By Uzay Bulut

Christians in Iraq continue to be exposed to violent attacks and oppression at the hands of various armed groups. On May 13, assailants broke into an Assyrian Christian home and attacked two elderly women, a mother and daughter, in the Iraqi town of Bartella. The women were repeatedly stabbed with a knife and their gold and money were stolen. The two victims were then hospitalized in Mosul.

Assyrians Oppose a Turkish 'Safe Zone' in Syria

By Amy Austin Holmes

The borderlands between Turkey and Syria are dotted with small Syriac Christian churches. Last fall, bullets penetrated the wall of a church in the village of Tel Jihan in northeastern Syria, just four-hundred-fifty meters from the Turkish border. Locals told me it was not an isolated incident. Syriac Christians refer to themselves as "descendants of survivors.

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