The Assyrian Genocide and Its Antecedents
The First Assyrian Workers From Turkey in Germany
The Pizza Puff: an Assyrian Invention
Parties Meet in UN-led Constitution Drafting Meetings for Syria
Assyrian Journalist Speaks on His Abduction By Kurdish Security in Northeastern Syria
Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide
Municipality in Turkey Building Parking Lot on Syriac Catholic Monastery Land
Assyrian Organization in the UN-led Constitutional Committee for Syria
How Computers Learned to Speak Assyrian
Documentary on the Remains of Assyrian Churches in Turkey to Be Released
Assyrian Artist Exhibits Paintings in Detroit
Storyteller: Stories of My Assyrian Ancestors
Remembering the 1933 Massacre of Assyrians in Iraq
Greek, Assyrian, Armenian Genocide Memorial Erected in Berlin
100 Years of Assyrian Genocides
Missing Elderly Assyrian Woman Found Dead in Turkey
Assyrian Genocide Resolution Read in Arizona Assembly
Iranian General Soleimani Did Not Help Free Assyrian Hostages Held By ISIS
Assyrian Organization Does Not Endorse Statement of Support for Iran
Kurdish Authorities Allow Anti-Christian Shoes to Be Sold in North Iraq
Assyrian Patriarchs Address Christian Persecution Conference in Hungary
Turkish Human Rights Commission Issues Report on Assyrian Nun, Villages
Assyrians in History
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Germany
U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Recognizing Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
US Attorneys May Have Violated Constitutional Rights, Immigration Law in Prosecuting Assyrian Lawyer
Auroral Observations in Assyrian Astrological Reports
Spanish Journalist Held for One Month Warns of Kurdish Government Repression
California Recognizes Two Assyrian Genocides
Assyrian Genocide in Modern History
Several Large Fires Broke Out in Assyrian Areas in Southeast Turkey
The French Press and the Assyro-Chaldeans
Assyrian Delegation Meets Members of Dutch Parliament
15 Assyrian Children Kidnapped By Kurdish Affiliated Militia in Syria
A Dialogue on the Assyrian Homeland and Diaspora
The Systematic Repression of Assyrians: Report
Assyrian Federation of Germany Meets With Chairman of Parliamentary Group
European Court Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Assyrian Monastery Against Turkey
New Zealand Primary School Adds Assyrian New Year to Curriculum
Four Christian Children and Woman Killed in Syria
Conference Expropriates Assyrian Christian History, Denies Assyrian Identity
Hungarian Exhibition Highlights Persecution of Christians in the Middle East
Persecution and Genocide Testify to Unique Experience of Assyrians
Turkey's National Pride is Based on Genocide Denial
Syriac Patriarchs Speak At International Security Summit in Munich
Swedish MP's Call for Kurdish Entity in Syria Draws Sharp Criticism From Assyrians
Assyrians Commemorate Historic Leader
British Museum Exhibition Omits Mention of Modern Assyrians
The Australian General Who Saved 80,000 Assyrians in WWI
The Heroic Struggle of an Assyrian in the Wake of Genocide
Forging Demographic Change in Iraq At the Expense of Assyrians
French Aid Organisation Proposes a State Secretariat for Middle East Christians
Assyrian Refugees From Iraq Celebrate Orthodox Christmas in Beirut
Letter Signed By 59 Iraqi MPs Alarms Assyrians in the Nineveh Plain
Ongoing Hostilities Threaten Assyrian Areas in Northern Iraq
Patriarchs of Syriac Churches Meet Austrian Cancellor
Assyrian Youth Federation Established in the U.S.
Documentary Chronicling the Assyrian Identity Post-Empire Will Be 'First of Its Kind'
Iraqi Shabak Security Forces Block Assyrian Church, Threaten Pastor
Iraq's Stolen Election: How Assyrian Representation Became Assyrian Repression

The Assyrian Genocide and Its Antecedents

By Abdulmesih BarAbraham

Lyon, France (AINA) -- Professor Joseph Yacoub is the author of numerous articles and dozen of books, some translated into English. His latest book is titled Les Assyro-Chaldéens : mémoire d'une tragédie qui se répète (The Assyro-Chaldeans: Memory of a Repeating Tragedy) and published in April 2021 by L'Harmattan, Paris.

The First Assyrian Workers From Turkey in Germany

By Abdulmesih Barbraham

Wurzburg, Germany (AINA) -- The 60th anniversary of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement (German: Anwerbeabkommen) was officially celebrated in many cities across the country end of October 2021. In his speech at the state commemoration event in Berlin, Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, addressed the invited guests, stating that "You helped building up Germany -- You have enriched...

Parties Meet in UN-led Constitution Drafting Meetings for Syria

By Abdulmesih Barbraham

Geneva, Switzerland (AINA) -- The sixth round of the UN-led constitutional meetings between the delegations of the Syrian Government and Syrian Opposition and civil society representatives belonging to NGOs started Monday, October 18 in Geneva. The meetings are chaired by the UN Special Envoy Geir O. Pederson, with co-chairs from the Syrian Government and Opposition.

Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide

(AINA) -- United States President Joe Biden recognized yesterday the Armenian genocide. The genocide targeted Assyrians, Greeks and Armenians -- the Christian communities in Ottoman Turkey. 1.5 million Armenians were massacred, 750,000 Assyrians (75%) and one million Greeks.

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