French Senate Recognizes Assyrian Genocide
Assyrian Bishop Stabbed While Live Streaming
Iran is Hijacking Assyrian Politics in Iraq
Genocide Awareness Week Will Discuss Assyrian Genocides
New Online Assyrian Dictionary Launched
Film Explores Assyrian Diaspora in Chicago
New Book on Assyrian and Armenian Genocide
Testing Opens for New Assyrian Word Processor
Chicago Suburban High School Adds Assyrian Language Course
Feud Between Chaldean Patriarch and Iraq's President Reinforces Islamic Status of Minority Groups
Assyrians and Yazidis Pledge to Forge Stronger Ties
Kurdish Regional Government Eases Restrictions on Checkpoints Around Assyrian Villages
Kurds Are Blockading Assyrian Villages Again
Assyrian Studies Symposium to Be Held At Stanford
Report of the Assyrian-European Delegation to Iraq
Kurdish Forces Conduct Military Exercises on Assyrian Archaeological Site
Assyrian Churches: Unity in Faith
ISIS and the Assyrians: Intergenerational Trauma
German Human Human Rights Activist Dies At 83
On the Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide By the French Senate
A Czech Book on the Assyrian, Greek and Armenian Genocide
Obstacles in the Unification of Assyrian Churches
Assyrian Genocide Monument in Syria Vandalized
Professor Yacoub on the French Recognition of the Assyrian Genocide
French Senate Recognizes 1915 Assyrian Genocide
Post-conflict Reconstruction in the Nineveh Plains of Iraq
The Assyrian Church of the East and the Principle of Oikonomia
Christian Unity and the Syriac Churches
Assyrian Christianity Asserts Its Renewal in Erbil
Assyrian Simmele Massacre Still Not Recognized By Iraq
Assyrian Organization Condemns Confiscation of Assyrian Property in Syria
The Assyrian Genocide and Its Antecedents
The First Assyrian Workers From Turkey in Germany
The Pizza Puff: an Assyrian Invention
Parties Meet in UN-led Constitution Drafting Meetings for Syria
Assyrian Journalist Speaks on His Abduction By Kurdish Security in Northeastern Syria
Biden Recognizes Armenian Genocide
Municipality in Turkey Building Parking Lot on Syriac Catholic Monastery Land
Assyrian Organization in the UN-led Constitutional Committee for Syria
How Computers Learned to Speak Assyrian
Documentary on the Remains of Assyrian Churches in Turkey to Be Released
Assyrian Artist Exhibits Paintings in Detroit
Storyteller: Stories of My Assyrian Ancestors
Remembering the 1933 Massacre of Assyrians in Iraq
Greek, Assyrian, Armenian Genocide Memorial Erected in Berlin
100 Years of Assyrian Genocides
Missing Elderly Assyrian Woman Found Dead in Turkey
Assyrian Genocide Resolution Read in Arizona Assembly
Iranian General Soleimani Did Not Help Free Assyrian Hostages Held By ISIS
Assyrian Organization Does Not Endorse Statement of Support for Iran
Kurdish Authorities Allow Anti-Christian Shoes to Be Sold in North Iraq
Assyrian Patriarchs Address Christian Persecution Conference in Hungary
Turkish Human Rights Commission Issues Report on Assyrian Nun, Villages
Assyrians in History
Assyrian Genocide Monument Unveiled in Germany
U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Recognizing Armenian, Assyrian, Greek Genocide
US Attorneys May Have Violated Constitutional Rights, Immigration Law in Prosecuting Assyrian Lawyer
Auroral Observations in Assyrian Astrological Reports
Spanish Journalist Held for One Month Warns of Kurdish Government Repression
California Recognizes Two Assyrian Genocides

French Senate Recognizes Assyrian Genocide

(AINA) -- The Senate of France passed a resolution on Monday recognizing the Turkish genocide of Assyrians in World War 1, which killed 750,000 Assyrians (75%), as well as one million Greeks and 1.5 million Armenians. The vote was 300 in favor and 2 against. Turkey condemned the resolution, calling it "null and void.

Assyrian Bishop Stabbed While Live Streaming

Fairfield (AINA) -- Assyrian Bishop Mari Emmanuel of Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Sydney was stabbed while live-streaming his sermon. Video shows the yet attacker stabbing the bishop multiple times before he is subdued by parishioners. Screams are heard from the parishioners as the attack unfolds. Another video posted on X shows the Bishop on a stretcher being wheeled to an ambulance.

Iran is Hijacking Assyrian Politics in Iraq

By Gregory Kruczek

(AINA) -- On February 21, the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq ruled on a set of cases pertaining to the Kurdistan Regional Government's (KRG) electoral law. The Court declared that the 11 parliamentary reserved seats for minorities were unconstitutional. So too was the KRG's single electoral district model.

Genocide Awareness Week Will Discuss Assyrian Genocides

(AINA) -- The 12th Rosenbluth Family Charitable Foundation Genocide Awareness Week is a series of lectures, exhibits and storytelling by distinguished survivors, scholars, politicians, activists, artists, humanitarians and members of law enforcement.

New Online Assyrian Dictionary Launched

(AINA) -- The electronic version of Mr. Awia Oraha's Banipal Dictionary has been launched at Banipal Assyria Dictionary. The dictionary initially contains 3896 words in Assyrian, English and Arabic. According to Awia Oraha, the developer, the dictionary will be continuously expanded to increase the word list.

Film Explores Assyrian Diaspora in Chicago

Chicago (AINA) -- Sights and Sounds of the Assyrian Diaspora: Art in Response to Statelessness explores the role of art in the lives of Assyrians primarily in Chicago, Illinois. Assyrians practicing various art forms discuss the challenges of statelessness, the importance of art in connecting to their identity and heritage, as well as the evolution of the nation happening today.

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