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Assyrian Stone Tablet Traces Early Christianity in China
Assyrian Writer Uses Language to 'Engage, Challenge and Empower'
Assyrian Kitchen's Classes, Meals Offer Food for Thought on Ancient Civilization
A Gatekeeper of Knowledge
Mass in East Syriac a Throwback to Days of Yore
Complex Astronomical and Astrological Systems Detailed on Ancient Assyrian Tablets
Enheduanna: Princess, Priestess and the World's First Known Author
In Search of a Martyred Assyrian Ancestor
Assyrian Monastery in Iraq Dates Back to 400 AD
The 12 Wise Men
Master of Extinct Languages
The Heavenly History of Angels in Art
The First Christian King
Saint Jacques of Assyria
Japanese Museum Finds Rare Scroll From Country's Early Christians
The Assyrian Women Traders of Ancient Anatolia
It's Assyria. With an A.
The First Library in the World to Reopen
Tribute to the Assyrian King
The Hidden $129 Million Assyrian Relief
Assyrian Women's Choir Sing a Different Tune
Religion and Royalty in the Holy Assyrian City
Nineveh: the Crown City of Ancient Assyria
A Wedding Fusion of Assyria and Samoa
The British School of Archaeology in Iraq
Assyrian Water Balloons
The Assyrian Tablets and the Lost City
Assyrian Iconographer Honors His Roots
The Greatest King You've Never Heard of
Noah's Ark and the Assyrian Relief
Picture Perfect Art Program Recognizes Assyrian Youth
Is the Lost Language of Iraqi Jews Really Lost?
An Old Language in the New World
Ancient Middle Eastern Luxury
Assyrian Tablets and the Lost City
Sydney and the Assyrian Refugee Writer
Iron and War
The Assyrian Monastery in Iraq
The Assyrian March Against Judah
The World's Oldest Monastery
The Assyrian Poet and the Kurdish Boy
The Church of Many Voices
Galen and the Ancient Assyrian Manuscript
Ancient Assyria in Color
Rossini and the Assyrian Queen
Isaac of Nineveh
The Assyrian Citadel in Los Angeles
Beneath Biblical Prophet's Tomb
The Assyrian King and His Aqueduct
New Light on Ancient Epics
Medicine and Mesopotamia
The Cursed Assyrian Stele and the British Police
The Science of Anuptaphobia
Assyrians Ruled By Social Media
Iraqi Assyrian Makes Faith-based Films
Jonah's Assyrian King
The Assyrian Poet
The Sneaker Speaker
City of Merchants
Edible Cuneiform

Assyrian Stone Tablet Traces Early Christianity in China

By Meng Qingsheng and Li Yang

When did Christianity first appear in China? Well, you may come across a much reasonable answer by examining the over 4,000 stone tablets at Xi'an Beilin Museum, or Stele Forest, located in northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Assyrian Writer Uses Language to 'Engage, Challenge and Empower'

By Chris Boulous

Fairfield, Australia -- Sweatshop Women: Volume One was officially launched at the 2019 Sydney Writers' Festival earlier this month. The book features short stories and poems by 22 culturally diverse women from western Sydney exploring issues of love, faith, home and history and is part of an ongoing push by Sweatshop to bring more stories from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to...

A Gatekeeper of Knowledge

By Jacqueline Taylor

Language is the gatekeeper of knowledge. Every language carries with it a unique set of knowledge which it gathers and passes on through generations. One could argue we were only put on this earth to teach future generations what we have learned. When a language is lost, we lose more than just words, we lose untold customs, cultures, traditions, and wisdom.

Mass in East Syriac a Throwback to Days of Yore

By K.A. Martin

The drum resounds through St. George's Church, Edappally, as those attending the day's Mass at the old church gather in silence. The sanctuary, holy of holies, is all lit up and the windows bring in the low morning light on an overcast day. Father Cyril Thayil looks eager as he gets ready to offer the rare Mass in East Syriac at the church, which is into the annual feast of St. George.

Complex Astronomical and Astrological Systems Detailed on Ancient Assyrian Tablets

Archaeologists studying a group of five unique stone tablets dating to the first millennium in Babylonia and Assyria have announced that they reveal a hitherto unknown level of astronomical understanding. Events and appearances in the night sky have been recorded for thousands of years. Following the solar and lunar cycles allowed people to predict seasonal change which enhanced outdoor survival.

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