All Things Assyrian

The Assyrian Comedian
Housewives, Weavers and Businesswomen: Assyrian Women From Assur and Kanesh
The King's Parasol
Enlightenment On Middle Eastern History And Culture Through Artwork
The King's Library
The Assyrian King's Earring
God of Scribes and Wisdom
Assyrian Artist Uses Snow to Create Intricate Art
The Bridge of Dalaleh: From Arta to Assyria
Art, Talent and Adversity
The Ancient Zoroastrian Symbol of Iran
Ancient Assyrian Art: the Visual Culture of an Empire
43 Facts About The Assyrian Empire
Medicine in Ancient Assyria
The Era of the Handshake
Reanimating Cultural Confidence
Mongolia to Restore Assyrian-based Traditional Alphabet
The Mysterious Giant Mounds of Jerusalem
Don't Call Me 'POC'!
The Ultimate Weapon of Ancient Times
New Website on Assyrian Heritage in Turkey
Son of Assyrians
British Museum Offers Fictional Travel Guides to Ancient Cities
The Assyrian Church in India
The 3,000-Year-Old Assyrian Panels
Semiramis, the Real and Legendary Assyrian Queen
The Detroit Restaurants That Taste Like Ancient Assyria
Scientists Use Lab Equipment to Reveal Ancient Hidden Text
Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights
The Monastery in Georgia Founded By an Assyrian
Assyria Township OKs Pay Increase for Elected Officials
Reclaiming the Christmas Kileche
The Epilepsy Demon
Assyrian Woman Uses Social Media to Launch Hollywood Career
The Assyrian Empire: Governors, Diplomats and Soldiers
Cuneiform Reveals Shared Birthplace
Cuneiform Tablets and 'Envelopes' Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication
Assyrian Tablets Reveal Timing of Solar Storm Mentioned in Bible
Ancient Recipes Spring to Life
Assyrian Woman on Fire
Oriental Institute Unveils Multimillion-Dollar Makeover for Centennial
How Two Colossal Assyrian Icons Were Recreated Using Digital Tech
The Art of Ancient Assyrian Kings
'Assyria to America' Exhibit Places Ancient Art in Modern Context
3,000-year-old Assyrian Settlement Unearthed in Southeast Turkey
Mardin: Mesopotamia's Summer City
The Chicago Archaeologist Who Changed the Way We Study Civilization
The Syriac Place Names of Lebanon
Syrian Pastry Chef Earns Living By Mixing Region's Flavors
The Assyrian War Dog
Ancient Babylonian Astronomers Were Way Ahead of Their Time
The Assyrian Internet Marketer
Ancient Mesopotamia and The Rise of Civilization
Australian Beauty Pageants Driven By Migrant Communities
Meet the World's First Emperor
Art After the End of Civilization
Conversations in Syriac
Comedy and TV
Assyrian Stone Tablet Traces Early Christianity in China
Assyrian Writer Uses Language to 'Engage, Challenge and Empower'

The Assyrian Comedian

By Indlieb Farazi Saber

What is the difference between an Assyrian and an asexual? That's the question doctor-turned-comedian Jenan Younis was confronting after one of her gigs. "I had spoken about being Assyrian and after the show this old lady came up to me and said, oh so you're a Syrian," she recalls. "I said 'no, I am Assyrian'.

Housewives, Weavers and Businesswomen: Assyrian Women From Assur and Kanesh

By C├ęcile Michel

The harvest season is now! Send silver so we can store barley for you before your arrival. The beer bread I made for you has become too old. This is urgent! When you read this letter, come, look to Assur, your god, and your home hearth, and let me see you in person while I am still alive! Misery has entered our minds. A wife expresses familiar concerns to her husband.

The King's Parasol

Technology evolves with breakneck speed, and it is not too often that one can say he or she relies on something that has gone largely unchanged for centuries. But each time you reach for an umbrella, you're relying on an invention that's more than 4,000 years old. Evidence suggests umbrellas originated in ancient Egypt and nearby Assyria.

Enlightenment On Middle Eastern History And Culture Through Artwork

By Chadd Scott

Assyria. Babylonia. Persia. These ancient empires covered an area generally consisting of modern-day Iraq and Iran. Museum goers can learn more about these cultures through exhibitions of their artistic expressions across North America. When Western audiences imagine artwork from this region, carpets often first come to mind.

The King's Library

By Jonny Lupsha

In a bas relief, Ashurbanipal is depicted as a great slayer of lions. The 2,700-year-old sculpt shows him fending off the kings of the jungle with bow and arrow, in a chariot, and on horseback. One panel, showing the lions' planned release, says otherwise.

The Assyrian King's Earring

By Kelly Grovier

(BBC) -- If you want big answers, start small. Take, for example, the sprawling sculpted slabs of ancient alabaster known as the Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal. At first glance, the 7th-Century BC gypsum panels, which once adorned the walls of a royal palace in Nineveh, Upper Mesopotamia, are a confusing chaos of arrows splitting muscle.

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