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Ancient Assyrian Complex Discovered Under Turkish Home
How Long Can a Garden Last?
How Assyrians Laid the Blueprint for Future Empires
The Largest Library in the Ancient World
An Assyrian Genocide, a Russian Revolution, an Indian Grandfather
Visiting The Biblically Historic City Of Nineveh
The Lost Assyrian Colony in Africa
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The Origin of the Armenian Alphabet
The Assyrian Comedian
Housewives, Weavers and Businesswomen: Assyrian Women From Assur and Kanesh
The King's Parasol
Enlightenment On Middle Eastern History And Culture Through Artwork
The King's Library
The Assyrian King's Earring
God of Scribes and Wisdom
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The Bridge of Dalaleh: From Arta to Assyria
Art, Talent and Adversity
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43 Facts About The Assyrian Empire
Medicine in Ancient Assyria
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Reanimating Cultural Confidence
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Approaching Ancient Assyria Through Archaeology Leads to New Insights
The Monastery in Georgia Founded By an Assyrian
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Reclaiming the Christmas Kileche
The Epilepsy Demon
Assyrian Woman Uses Social Media to Launch Hollywood Career
The Assyrian Empire: Governors, Diplomats and Soldiers
Cuneiform Reveals Shared Birthplace
Cuneiform Tablets and 'Envelopes' Tell of Mesopotamian Sophistication
Assyrian Tablets Reveal Timing of Solar Storm Mentioned in Bible
Ancient Recipes Spring to Life
Assyrian Woman on Fire
Oriental Institute Unveils Multimillion-Dollar Makeover for Centennial
How Two Colossal Assyrian Icons Were Recreated Using Digital Tech
The Art of Ancient Assyrian Kings
'Assyria to America' Exhibit Places Ancient Art in Modern Context
3,000-year-old Assyrian Settlement Unearthed in Southeast Turkey
Mardin: Mesopotamia's Summer City

Ancient Assyrian Complex Discovered Under Turkish Home

By Emily Staniforth

A bungled looting scheme has led archaeologists to an underground Iron Age complex in Turkey that may have been used by a fertility cult during the first millennium B.C., a new study finds. The ancient complex, which has yet to be fully investigated due to the instability of the structure, has rare rock art drawings on its walls featuring a procession of deities depicted in an Assyrian style.

How Long Can a Garden Last?

By Zaria Gorvett

(BBC) -- In the middle of the Iraqi desert, just north of the city of Mosul, is a pile of limestone blocks. Even at first glance, they're unusual -- each half a metre (1.6 feet) across, with a square shape and one side decorated with enigmatic symbols. Collectively they look like the remains of a giant pyramid. But this was not their purpose.

How Assyrians Laid the Blueprint for Future Empires

By Prateek Dasgupta

What comes to mind when you think of an empire? Is it the Roman Empire, with its impressive road network? Or, you could be reminded of the Mongol Empire, which stretched from Beijing in the east to Hungary in the west. What about the British Empire, which was powered by a vast railroad system? These empires pushed the boundaries of human progress while wreaking havoc on their enemies.

The Largest Library in the Ancient World

By Prateek Dasgupta

In 1849, English explorer Austen Henry Layard discovered a series of clay tablets in the ruins of Nineveh. Once upon a time, Nineveh was a flourishing city and the capital of the mighty Assyrian empire. Layard was excited about his finding. Three years later, his junior archaeologist Hormuzd Rassam unearthed even more clay tablets in the same region.

Visiting The Biblically Historic City Of Nineveh

By Aaron Spray

Nineveh was the ancient capital city of the Neo-Assyrian Mesopotamian Empire. Nineveh was once the most powerful city in the world (or this region of the world) and was the largest city of the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Today Nineveh is located on the outskirts of the city of Mosul in modern-day northern Iraq. It is located on the eastern bank of the Tigris River.

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