Iraqi Assyrian Border Villages Bear the Brunt of Turkish Air Strikes
Aliph Announces Project to Restore Assyrian Monastery in Iraq
France Pledges 1 Billion Euros in Aid to Rebuild Iraq
Trump Threatens to 'Devastate Turkey Economically' If it Attacks Kurds in Syria
US Starts Pulling Troops Out of Syria, Talks With Turkey to Continue
Is Sisi Good for Egypt's Christians?
Iraq Deploys Special Forces to Kirkuk in Flag Dispute
Chaldean Priest: a New Year of Rebirth for Mosul
Assyrian Community Thrives Again in Southeastern Turkey
Construction of New Assyrian Church in Istanbul to Begin in February
Churches for Sale in Iraq Spark Fears Over 'Buried Christian History'
Children 'Still Being Tortured to Confess to ISIS Links' By Kurdish Security Forces
Christians Concerned About Religious Freedom If Turkey Enters Syria
Turkey Accused of Recruiting Ex-Isis Fighters in Their Thousands to Attack Kurds in Syria
Iraqi Assyrian Lawmaker -- Churches Being Sold 'Illegally' Nationwide
Some Progress But Also Political Deadlock in Iraq
The Scars of War: Iraq's Heritage in Ruins
Assyrian Group Calls for No-fly Zone in Syria to Stop Turkish Invasion
Cardinal Sako: Coexistence in Peace and Mutual Respect is the Only Solution for Iraq
State Department Awards Penn $2 Million to Preserve Cultural Heritage in Northern Iraq
Assyrian MP Says Iran a Rainbow of World Religions
The Troubled Relationship Between Iraqi Nationals and Kurds
Time Not Right for Pope Francis to Visit Iraq: Vatican
Iran's Lake Urmia Shows Signs of Revival
Women Strive to End Genital Mutilation in Kurdish Iraq
Fighting Erupts Between Rival Groups in Syria
Muslims and Christians in Iraq Unite in Appeal to Save Church From Demolition
The United States Can't Rely on Turkey to Defeat ISIS
Iraqi Airstrike Reportedly Hits Isis Leaders in Syria
Syria Allows Iraq to Hit ISIS Targets
Iraq's Sunni Authority Slams Grand Mufti's Anti-Christmas Edict
Turkey's War on Christian Missionaries
KRG Condemns Iraqi Cleric's Anti-Christmas Message
Christians in Syria 'At Risk of Extinction'
Vatican Secretary of State Discusses Situation of Assyrians in Iraq With Senior Kurdish Officials
Assyrian Officials in Syria: Our People Have Alternatives
Iraqi Archbishop Voices Gratitude to Trump for Aid to Nineveh Plains
Church's Political Role Sparks Debate Among Iraqi Assyrians
Iraqi Assyrians Celebrate Hopeful Christmas After Defeat of ISIS
Christmas Celebrations Around the World
Christmas Revived in Assyrian Village in Syria Devastated By Islamic State
Assyrians in Iraq's Kirkuk Enjoy Peaceful Christmas
Iraq Declares Christmas Day National Holiday
Iraq's Scary Neighbors
Iraqi Assyrians Prepare to Celebrate Christmas in Areas Liberated From ISIS
Pope Celebrates Christmas At Home As Deputy Presides in Iraq
Iran's Foreign Minister Hails Birth of Jesus in Christmas Tweet, But Crackdown Continues
Turkey's Christian Community Counts Down to Christmas
Iraq's Catholic Assyrian Refugees Wait to Leave Lebanon
Priest in Damascus: Celebrating Christmas to Overcome the Wounds of the War
Pope Francis Appoints Archivist Archbishop of Mosul
Egypt's Christians Struggle to Rebuild Churches Despite 2016 Reform Law
Turkey Says Nearly 300,000 Syrians Have Returned Home
Police Use Live Rounds to Disperse Protest in Iraq's Basra for Second Week
Troop Withdrawal 'Sacrifices' Syrian Christians, Gives 'Victory' to Jihadis: Activist
US Withdrawal From Syria Could Force Christian Minorities to Flee
US Genocide Law Triggers Mixed Feelings Among Iraqis
Iraqi Cardinal: the Birth of Christ, the Birth of a New Humanity
Iraq's Christmas Joy Despite Persecution
The Dwindling Christians of the Middle East

Iraqi Assyrian Border Villages Bear the Brunt of Turkish Air Strikes

By Adam Lucente

The village of Araden sits amidst gorgeous countryside not far from the main tourist attractions of Iraq's Kurdish region. Stunning mountains dot the landscape, while the city of Amedi overlooks green valleys, and there are remnants of an old vacation home used by the former president Saddam Hussein close by.

Aliph Announces Project to Restore Assyrian Monastery in Iraq

By Vincent Noce

Aliph, a Geneva-based global fund to protect cultural heritage in war zones, spearheaded by France and the United Arab Emirates and chaired by the American billionaire Thomas Kaplan, has revealed its first projects. They include the Mosul museum and the Behnam monastery in Iraq, as well as the Tomb of Askia in Gao, Mali. The organisation has also launched a worldwide call for new projects.

France Pledges 1 Billion Euros in Aid to Rebuild Iraq

(AP) -- France is committing $1 billion euros ($1.15 billion) to help Iraq rebuild after its war against the Islamic State group, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Monday. Le Drian was in Baghdad on a busy day that also saw Iraq's top officials receiving King Abdullah II of Jordan. The French diplomat said the aid would go to rebuilding Iraq's most devastated areas.

US Starts Pulling Troops Out of Syria, Talks With Turkey to Continue

The United States has started the "deliberate withdrawal" process of its forces from Syria, US military officials confirmed on Friday, but they refused to provide any details on exactly what troops and equipment were being moved. "Out of concern for operational security, we will not discuss specific timelines, locations or troop movements," military spokesman Sean Ryan said in a statement.

Is Sisi Good for Egypt's Christians?

By Marlo Safi

On Thursday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited the recently opened Coptic Cathedral of the Nativity, not far from Cairo. "It is a very special thing to have this in the heart of the Middle East, this enormous cathedral where people can come worship in Egypt," he told the press. "It's a land of religious freedom and opportunity. It's remarkable.

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