New Book on Assyrian Christianity in Iraq
Australia Presses Turkey for Return of ISIL Suspect
Sadr Calls for Delay in Forming Iraq Government Until Protests' Demands Met
Iraqi Protests Over Dire Living Conditions Resume in Baghdad and the South
Inside Raqqa: From ISIS 'Caliphate' to Crumpled City of Landmines
In Turkey, Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism
Turkmens See Chance to Expand Influence in Kirkuk
Iran Arrests Christian Kurdish Women for 'Proselytizing Christianity'
Egypt's 'Hippocratic Oath' Could Force Christian Doctors to Unintentionally Become Muslim
Critics Say Turkish Government Using US Mosques to Play Politics, Spy on Foes
Deal Gives Ownership of Istanbul Church to Assyrian Community
Thousands Evacuated From Pro-Assad Syrian Villages Beseiged By Rebels
In Iraq, Old Grievances Fuel Deadly Protests
What Happened to the Assyrian Women Kidnapped By Islamic State?
Iraq Struggles With Economic, Energy Crises As Protests Spread
Turkey's State of Emergency Ends But Crackdown Continues
US Pastor Denied Release in Latest Trial Hearing in Turkey
Muslim Mob Attack on Church in Egypt Encouraged By Police
Iraq Completes Recount of May 12 Assembly Poll Results
Intense Government Bombing of Syria Opposition Holdout
Iraq Struggles to Provide War Orphans With Identities
ISIS Still Holding Nearly 3,100 Yazidi Slaves
Thousands to Leave Besieged Towns in Northwestern Syria Under New Deal
Iraq in Downward Spiral
Protesters in Southern Iraq Are Right to Be Angry
Assyrian Mayor in Iraq Detained and Beaten By Kurdish Security Forces
Consequences of Southern Protests Felt Across Iraq's Nineveh Plains
At Least Five Dead As Basra Protests Spread Across Southern Iraq
Kurd-Arab Council Readies for Talks With Syria Regime
Formation of New Lebanese Cabinet Blocked By Opposing Christian Parties
Iraq's State of Emergency
We've Resettled 26,000 Assyrians in Ex-Islamic State City, Iraqi Priest Claims
Why Turkey's Kurdish Problem is About to Explode
Five Years After Syrian Archbishops' Abduction, Christians Need Help Finding Answers
Manual Vote Recount Begins in Assyrian Town in North Iraq
Rebuilding With US Funds, Iraq's Minority Religious Communities Still Await Security
Sainthood Process Begins for Young Iraqi Assyrian Priest Killed in 2007
High Level U.S. Visit to Persecuted Assyrians in Iraq
An 'Other Syria'
'We Would Be Lost Without Our Fellow Christians in the West' -- Say Iraq's Assyrians
ISIS Reduced to a Handful of Holdouts in Syria
Turkey Has Made a Quagmire for Itself in Syria
Iraq Protests Spread in Fifth Day of Unrest Over Services, Corruption
Muslims in Egypt Attack Copts After Facebook Post Showing 'Contempt of Islam'
Jordan Rethinks Support for Syrian Rebels
Iraqi Judges Begin Vote Recount for Erbil
Patriarch Calls for Lifting of West's Sanctions Against Syria
Iraqis Protest At Oilfields to Call for Jobs and Basic Services
NATO Approves Training Mission in Iraq, New Command Structure
Are Iraq's Assyrians Facing a Critical Juncture Post-Election?
Is Europe Awakening to the Threat?
An Emerging Populism is Sweeping the Middle East
Syrian Army Raises Flag Over Hasakah District Formerly Controlled By Kurdish Forces
Turkish Airstrikes Hit 28 PKK Targets in North Iraq
Rebels Agree to Surrender Weapons in 4 Towns in Syria
Sadr Urges Russian Authorities to Play Role in Upgrading Iraq's Services
Learn From the Past to Bring Peaceful Future to Middle East, Pope Says
Russia's Strategy in Syria Shows How to Win a Middle East War
ISIS Remnants Fight On, Despite U.S. Campaign
ISIS is Putting Up a Stronger Fight Than the US Anticipated

New Book on Assyrian Christianity in Iraq

By Fr Terry Tastard

In recent years writers like William Dalrymple (From the Holy Mountain) and Diarmid MacCulloch (A History of Christianity) have made us aware of the vibrancy through the ages of Middle Eastern Christianity.

Australia Presses Turkey for Return of ISIL Suspect

(AP) -- Australia will not give up its quest to prosecute an Australian Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) suspect despite a Turkish court rejecting an extradition application, the Australian prime minister said on July 20.

Inside Raqqa: From ISIS 'Caliphate' to Crumpled City of Landmines

By Hollie McKay

RAQQA, Syria -- More than seven months since ISIS operatives were defeated in their "caliphate" capital of Raqqa, Syria the city remains something of an apocalyptic wasteland, only beginning to recover from nearly four years of brutal occupation.

In Turkey, Exposing Crimes of ISIS is Terrorism

By Uzay Bulut

How does Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan fight his political opponents, including those who have been working hard to expose the atrocities of the Islamic state terror group, ISIS? By throwing them into jail for allegedly "supporting terrorism.

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