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Shura Council Condemns Iraqi Federal Supreme Court Ruling
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The Shura Council of Kurdistan Region on Thursday released a statement on the recent Iraqi Federal Supreme Court ruling.

"The decision made by the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court, in contravention of the constitution and laws, establishes it as a superior authority above all other powers, leading to a multitude of unfavorable consequences, encompassing legal, political, and social dimensions," the statement said.

The statement also mentioned that the decisions made by the Federal Court led to the boycott of the parliamentary elections of the Kurdistan Region, scheduled for June 10, by the communities of Turkmen, Assyrian, and Chaldean.

The Shura Council of the Kurdistan Region has expressed concern that the communities' boycott of the elections will lead to political problems in the Kurdistan Region. This is because the parliament formed after the elections will not include representatives from these communities. Therefore, it is essential for the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court to adhere to the Constitution, exercise its privileges as outlined in the Constitution, and avoid infringing upon the privileges of other branches of power.

As per Article 36 of the Kurdistan Parliamentary Election Law, five seats were reserved for Chaldeans, and Assyrians, one for Armenians and five for Turkmens, but the Federal Supreme Court of Iraq annulled the 11 seats on Feb. 21.

Kurdistan Region President Nechirvan Barzani on March 3, set June 10 for parliamentary elections.

Every four years, Kurdistan Region parliamentary elections are held to elect the 111 members. The election was first held in 1992 and the most recent election was held in 2018.

Dawid Salman, the Director of the Iraqi Independent High Electoral Commission, previously told Kurdistan24 that there are 3.6 million eligible voters in the Kurdistan Region.

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