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Syriac Union Party's Fourth Conference Kicks Off in Syria
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Under the slogan, "The unity of our people is the guarantee of establishing our national rights... consensus among Syrians is the guarantee of reaching a sustainable political solution," the Syriac Union Party organized today its fourth conference, with the participation of 50 male and female delegates, in the Zana Hall in the city of Qamishlo.

The conference was attended by male and female members of the party's sub-councils in NE Syria, in addition to the participation of its representatives in the diaspora via the Internet, representatives of the DAS and its bodies, male and female members of the Kurdish and Arab political parties, movements and organizations of young men and women, and tribal notables

.After standing for a minute of silence, the co-chair of the party, Nazera Gewriya in Arabic, and Sanharib Barsoum in Syriac, delivered the opening speech.

In it, they stated that "the participation of Syrians from various components and segments of society in the conference is only an indication of the essence of the Syrians' ambition, to strengthen and develop relations to build a democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria, and that everyone bears the responsibility of working in order to reach this goal."

They pointed out: "Our party was involved in establishing the Autonomous Administration, and as an Autonomous Administration and people, we are facing risks and challenges, including the attacks of the Turkish state, and we are required to preserve the gains that were achieved for all the components. Therefore, as the Syriac Union Party, we will remain supportive of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and we will work and raise efforts so that Autonomous Administration gains the trust of all Syrians."

In the name of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, the co-chair of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in the Jazera Canton, Hikmat Habib, blessed the holding of the conference and wished it success.

He added: "Since 2024, the Autonomous Administration has worked with its social contract to bring all parties and components together, and the Syriac Union Party had a prominent role in the political process. From this standpoint, in light of the genocidal attacks targeting the Syrians by the Turkish fascist state, and their democratic project, the gains that have been achieved must be preserved through concerted efforts and unification of ranks through all Syriac, Kurdish and Arab parties."

The conference was then closed to the media to discuss the party's bylaws, and the conference is scheduled to end with the election of a new general council and co-chai and the approval of final recommendations for the conference.

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