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Pope Francis Expresses Condolences Over Assyrian Wedding Fire
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In a telegram message on Friday, Pope Francis expressed deep sorrow over the engulfing fire at Hamdaniya wedding hall.

The pope continued his condolence message by entrusting the souls of the deceased to the loving mercy of God and offering heartfelt condolences to their relatives and friends.

The pope commended the dedicated efforts of emergency personnel who have been working tirelessly to control the fire and assist the injured.

"In these challenging moments, the Catholic Church stands with the people of Qaraqosh (Hamdaniya), exemplifying the timeless values of love, empathy, and unity that transcend borders and beliefs," he concluded.

In March 2021, Pope Francis visited Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, where he met with senior members of the Catholic Church and surveyed the ruins of Mosul's Christian areas, including Hamdaniya.

The wedding hall fire broke out on Sept. 26 at 11:30 p.m., resulting in more than 100 deaths and leaving 150 injured.

Kurdistan Regional Government Spokesperson Peshawa Hawramani announced on Sept. 27 that Kurdistan Region Prime Minister Masrour Barzani had ordered three days of mourning in the Kurdistan Region due to the wedding hall fire in the Hamdaniya district.

Moreover, the Kurdistan Region Security Council in a statement on Sept. 27 announced the arrest of Sameer Sulaiman Krumi Rafo Asu, the owner of the wedding hall.

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