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Assyrian People Must Resist in Order to Survive
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Nabil Warda, the spokesman for the Assyrian Khabour Guards in Syria.
Last Friday, the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces warned, during a press conference, the Turkish army that it would confront the forces of all Syrians if it attempted to occupy new Syrian areas, and the forces confirmed that they are fully prepared to confront it.

In the same context, the spokesman for the Khabour Guards, Nabil Warda, indicated that the threats and attacks of the Turkish occupation state on the Syrian lands and the general Syrian people, including the Assyrian component, have existed since the emergence of ISIS mercenaries, and their goal is to displace the Syrians from their land, and said, "Since 2015, the Turkish occupation threatens the existence of the Assyrian people, and aims to end it through their attacks on the Assyrian areas with different methods and tools.

He explained that the forces of the Assyrian Khabur Guard are fully prepared to repel any attacks on northern and eastern Syria, "We will stand in the face of the attacks by various means, and we confirm that our readiness at this stage is the opposite of what it was before, and we will remain side by side with all the forces.

Warda stressed that the people of the region and all the forces affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces are concerned with defending it, "Our duty is to respond, as we are defenders of our land in the face of the invaders who are trying to occupy it, so it is the responsibility of all components to defend the region, and all forces must see themselves responsible. About defending under the banner of SDF.

Warda pointed to the movements of the forces of the Khabur Guards Council, in addition to standing in the trenches in preparation to respond to the attacks at this sensitive stage, saying, "We have tours among our Assyrian people, to inform them of the latest situation. We always stress survival and resistance, because this stage is the the last supposition of the Assyrian people to stay on this land.

And if we cannot withstand the occupation and its mercenaries, then the Assyrian people are heading for annihilation in the region, so our Assyrian people must sacrifice for their survival on this land."

A spokesman for the Khabur Guards, Nabil Warda, sent a message to the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, saying: "We will make Tal Tamr a cemetery for the occupation and its mercenaries."

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