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The Assyrian Roots of the Names of Lebanese Cities
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Zahlé, Lebanon.
The Syriac [Assyrian] language has impacted the way Lebanese people talk, even if they're not aware of it. Many Syriac words have been adapted in the Lebanese language, and have influenced the names of beautiful Lebanese cities.

Thanks to the ancient people who roamed the glorious land, many Lebanese cities acquired their names from different Semitic languages.

Here are some Lebanese cities that actually have Syriac roots.

AMMATOUR: "Aamma d Tura" translates to "The People of the Mountain."

ANDAKET: The spring with little water.

ASHQOUT: "Asquta" means Rough and Insubordinate Land, which is a feature of the Kesserwan mountain region.

AINATA: Syriac expression for The Water Eye, or Ain el May in current Lebanese

AKOURA: A combination of 'ain' (fountain) 'qura' (Cold), Akoura means The Cold Fountain.

AITOU: Two different meanings for the name of this northern village are (1) "quayta": the summer, (2) "ayta": the anger.

BEHOUAITA: From Syriac "bet te7wita" for a place with a view.

BASLOUKIT: A Syriac name referring to The Place of Ascension.

BCHAMOUN: Syriac Aramaic for the Temple of Eshamun, a Phoenician god.

BCHENNATA: From Syriac "bet shinnata" meaning land of the towering high rocks and the serrated peaks.

BKASSINE: From Syriac "bet ksin" for a place of the hidden.

BAYKOUN: From Syriac "bet yuqné" for a place where coins or icons are forged.

BEJJEH: The Syriac word for gardens.

BTEDHI: From Syriac "bayta d'awé" for The Howling Place.

BASKINTA: The Syriac term for abode, the residence, and the place.

BAAKLINE: From Syriac "beit aakline" for the place of knots and turns.

BALLOUNEH: Different Syriac origins include (1) ballani/ballana: the bathroom, (2) appolon: the name of a Greek god, (3) abbiluné: the residence of the monk.

BAZOUN: Syriac for "the little hole".

BIRE: Similar to the Arabic word, it means the wells in Syriac.

BEITEDDINE: "Bet Dino", the place of judgement.

BISRI: Some varying meanings for this town include: (1) besré: the meat or the cadaver, (2) bisra: the unripe grapes, (3) bet sri: the bad smelling place, (4) bet saray: the house of Sara.

BROUMMANA: It could have Syriac origin as "bet rammana" which means the residence of the god "Rimmon".

BEIT CHABAB: Syriac name for the house of the neighbor.

CHEBAA: Syriac for satiety and abundance.

CHADRA: Syriac word for 'the ambassador'.

DEBEL: The Syriac word for dried figs.

DEIR DOURIT: Meaning the nun's convent.

DIMAN: Syria for "the ideal".

EHMEJ: "Top of the Valley."

FALOUGHA: From Syriac "palugha" for the distributor.

FEYTROUN: Which either means "the beautiful throne" or "the master".

FGHAL: This name could come from different Syrian origins: (1) pegal: the thickness and the softness, (2) pe ala: the work, (3) piggul: the garbage.

FERZOL: From Syriac "parzla" for Iron mine. Also, chemistry friends will know FE for iron. Coincidence?

HEMLAYA: From Syriac word "bet hmalé" for grain or harvest.

IJDABRA: The Syriac word for great luck.

JEB JANNINE: The Syriac name for Basin of Gardens. The word 'Jeb' refers to a water well or water precipitation.

JEZZINE: The Syriac word for storage/safes.

JENJLEYA: Syriac for a haven.

JRABTA: The name may have different Syriac origins that mean either (1) grabta: the vessel, (2) grafta: the scooped, (3) krupte: the caves.

KFARDEBIAN: The Village of Deers; Kfar means village.

KFAR KILA: The Bride City.

KFARSHOUBA: The Village with Hot Weather. Note: Does the Syriac word Shouba remind you of any Arabic word?

KFARHOUNA: The Village of Young Siblings. The Syriac "ahouné" means young siblings.

KFAR CHELLAL: The Place of Stolen Goods.

KAWKABA: Syriac word for planet.

KFIFAN: From Syriac "kfifuna" meaning the small convex place.

MAGHDOUCHE: Syriac word for people who collect the crops.

MIYEH W MIYEH: Miyeh is Syriac for water, so this name literally means 'water and water'.

NIHA: Niha is a Syriac name that means the calm and the patient.

QANNOUBINE: This name might have two origins, the Syriac one being "monastery of the novice monk".

QOUBAIYAT: From Syriac "qba" which means gather of water.

QURNAYIL: From Syriac "qarna d ila" meaning The Summit of God (ila).

RECHMAYA: From Syriac "rish mayo" meaning head of water/spring.

REMHALA: Syriac meaning sand hill.

RAB TLATIN: Syriac word for the guard over 30; it sounds familiar in Arabic too (tlatin).

RMEISH: Located in southern Lebanon on the Lebanese-Palestinian border, Rmeish's name may have different Syriac origins: (1) ramshaya/ramsha meaning something to do with the night; (2) remis meaning calm; (3) ram ishay meaning the hill of Yassa.

SAWFAR: Syriac word for morning.

SARBA: Syriac word for tower.

SHBANIEH: It could have two Syriac origins (1) shebabanaye: neighbors, or (2) sheba: the robber... (is the neighbor a robber?)

SIN EL FIL: The name literally translates to "the tooth of the elephant". In Syriac, SHEN D FILA means the ivory, like the tusks of an elephant (fil).

TARTIJ: Mountain of the crown (or of snow patches).

TANNOURINE: Syriac Aramaic for smoke and fire or light.

ZAHLÉ: Syriac for moving places.

ZGHARTA: From the Syriac word 'Zeghartay' meaning the barricades.

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