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Armenia Commemorates Victims of Assyrian Genocide
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Flowers were laid on Wednesday in Yerevan at the monument to the victims of the Assyrian Genocide of 1915.

The event was attended by representatives of the Assyrian community living in Armenia, political and public figures.

The head of the Assyrian community of Armenia, Razmik Khosroev, noted that Armenia is the only country that not only recognized the Genocide but also made it possible to fully integrate into the life of the country, as evidenced by the presence of a monument to the victims of the Assyrian Genocide.

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"We lost our statehood 2500 years ago, but our people feel full in Armenia, have their own cultural and educational centers, and the problems of the Assyrians are in the focus of the country's leadership," he said, adding that the genocide of the Assyrians in different parts of the world continues even to date.

The secretary of the Prosperous Armenia Party's parliamentary faction, Arman Abovyan, in his turn, noted that the pain of the Assyrians is also the pain of the Armenian people, and the incorrect perception in the world of the genocides of Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, and others in 1915 further led to the genocide of Jews, and to the genocide of other nations nowadays. "Prosperous Armenia is ready to stand next to those humanitarian initiatives that will be aimed at combatting such actions," Abovyan added.

The leader of the Kurdish community of Armenia, My Step ruling bloc MP Knyaz Hasanov, noted that the Turkish authorities continue the policy of their predecessors, which is expressed in genocide against ethnic minorities, including 20 million Kurds who have no rights and are persecuted in Turkey.

"We urge the world community to take measures and stop the criminal actions of the Turkish authorities," he said.

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