15 Assyrian Children Kidnapped By Kurdish Affiliated Militia in Syria
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Qamishli, Syria (AINA) -- According to a report on Assyria TV, an internet Assyrian channel based in Stockholm, 15 Assyrian girls and boys have been abduction by members of the Syriac Military Council (MFS). MFS is a militia tied to the Syriac Union Party, which in turn is part of a secretive Assyrian political group known as the Dawronoye, (ܕܲܘܪܵܢܵܝܹܐ), who emerged with the help of the Kurdish PKK party in the late 1980s in south east Turkey. The Dawronoye are close allies of the PYD, the Kurdish party in control of large parts of north eastern Syria.

The Assyrian children were abducted earlier this month from Assyrian villages and towns close to the city of Qamishli for the purpose of indoctrination and military training. It has also been reported that MFS has threatened the families of the children and warned the families not to speak to anyone about the abductions.

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