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Volunteers Repair Assyrian Monastery in Mosul
By Jon Sharman
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Muslim volunteers pitched in to help repair a Christian monastery near the Iraqi city of Mosul, it has been claimed.

Young residents of the al-Arabi neighbourhood, which had been occupied by Isis until earlier this year, helped to restore the damaged St George's Monastery.

The building, belonging to the Chaldean Catholic tradition, had been vandalised by Isis militants.

According to a Facebook post by the "This is Christian Iraq" page, the youths' aim was to demonstrate that "Mosul is yours as it is ours" and that "our differences are our strength".

Isis had damaged the monastery's dome, smashed the windows and removed a cross, according to various reports.

However, The Irish Times reported earlier this year that Christians had celebrated Easter there for the first time since 2014.

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