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Battle Begins To Liberate Largest Assyrian Town In Iraq From ISIS
By Carey Lodge
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A town that once had the largest Christian population in Iraq may soon be liberated from Islamic State, according to local reports. Forces entered Qaraqosh [Baghdede in Assyrian], which was before ISIS home to at least a quarter of Iraq's Christian community, on Tuesday and began the battle for liberation. Kurdish troops stationed to protect Qaraqosh withdrew on August 6, 2014, leaving ISIS free to move in overnight and take it along with three other Christian-majority towns. The insurgency happened less than a month after ISIS overran nearby Mosul, which is now the subject of a major offensive led by Iraqi troops backed by the US and other forces. The battle to retake Mosul began on Monday, and the army has already secured 20 villages on the outskirts of the city. Advertisement Fraternit

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