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ISIS Bombed Historic Walls of Nineveh in Iraq
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Jihadists resumed bombings against historic sites in Nineveh and destroyed remains of the ancient wall of Mosul, specialized sources reported today; while politicians accused the United States of hampering the counterterrorist fight. A historian living in Mosul, the second largest in Iraq, told the publication Shafaq News that militants of the Islamic State (IS) destroyed on Tuesday night much of the historic city wall located on Tahrir neighborhood on the left coast of Mosul. Using a great amount of explosives, 'Takfirists' (Sunni Islamic terrorists) blew pieces of the wall considered the most important historical monument of the Iraqui province and the whole region, dating back to the civilization of the Assyrian kings in the eighth century BC. Since the beginning of the attacks in June 2014, Jihadists of DAESH, the Arabic acronym of IS, have reduced to ruins numerous archaeological, historical and religious sites of great historical value in Mosul. An operation launched last night in the area of Al-Rashidiyah resulted in the abduction of people accused of collaborating with Kurdish Peshmerga military forces, after the Iraqi Deputy Hakim Al-Zamili had said that the army and police have informants within the aforementioned city.
Meanwhile, the leader of the Shiite political party in Iraq Assaib Ahl Al-Haq, Qais Al-Khazali, accused the United States of hindering the release of areas occupied by the Islamists, and that international coalition aircrafts launched aids that have delayed the military actions of the Army. According to Al-Khazali, "DAESH terrorists could be wiped out in a few months, but the US government is trying to delay this process". He added that there are testimonies and evidence of the support of US planes to Takfirists in the city of Muqdadiyah, which delayed its release. The politician predicted that the next fight will be in the northern province of Salaheddin to avenge the martyrs of Spyker airbase, near Tikrit, where last year about a thousand 700 Shiites of the Army and hundreds of civilians were killed by fundamentalists.

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