Two Assyrians Killed in Syria
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Assyrians Gabriel Bassam Gabro (L), killed in Homs, and Karam Bushe, killed in Hassaka, Syria.
Homs, Syria (AINA) -- Two Assyrians have been killed in Syria, one in a suicide car bombing in the New Sabri neighborhood in Homs, Syria, the other in fighting between Kurdish and government forces in Hassaka. The two have been identified as Gabriel Bassam Gabro, a petrochemical engineering student and a deacon in the Syrian Orthodox Church from Homs, and Karam Bushe from Hassaka.

The bombing occurred on Wednesday afternoon near a commercial compound, killing at least 5 people and wounding 35 others.

In October of 2014 a suicide bomber targeted a student gathering in the New Sabri neighborhood, killing 54 people, including 47 children.

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