Kurds and ISIS Clash Outside Baghdede; ISIS Using Yazidis As Human Shields
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(AINA) -- Kurdish forces and ISIS clashed 6 kilometers outside of Baghdede (Qaraqosh) on Wednesday morning. Mortars fell on the city, killing 1 woman and two boys and injuring 5 children. Nearly all Assyrian residents of Baghdede have fled to Arbel. There is no support from the central government for the Kurdish forces.

Assyrians killed in Baghdede by Islamic State mortar. David Adib Elias Shamis (5, center), Mazen Elias Shamis (9, right)

On June 26 Kurds clashed with ISIS just outside of Baghdede, forcing nearly 50,000 Assyrians to flee. About 80% returned after the fighting stopped, but now they are fleeing again.

All the Assyrians from the villages of Bartella, Bashiqa and Bahzany have fled to the Monastery of Mar Mattai (St. Matthew), Arbel and Noohadra (Dohuk). The Yazidis from these areas have fled to Aqra and Sheikhan.

All the Assyrian inhabitants of the towns of Tel Kepe, Batnaya and Telsqof have fled. In Tel Kepe even the Arab Muslims have fled. Yesterday an Assyrian man was killed in Tel Kepe by mortar fired by ISIS (AINA 2014-08-05). He could not be buried there because of the danger, he was brought to Alqosh and buried there.


ISIS captured 150 Yazidi families in Iraq and brought them to Syria for unknown reasons. They are being held at Camp Hol.

ISIS captured 500 Yazidi families and brought them to Tel Afar, Iraq, where they are being used as human shields. They have been placed in the Qalaat Tel Afar (the old castle), in schools and in homes.

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