Maps of Historic Assyria

Assyrian core: Nineveh, Ashur, Arbel, Nimrod (Calah), Arrapkha
Assyria in region
Assyrian Empire (index)
Assyrian Empires
Assyrian Empire in Modern Assyrian
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 650 B.C.
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 700 B.C.
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 820 B.C.
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 824-625 B.C.
Neo-Assyrian Empire, 900 B.C.
Old Assyrian Empire under Shamshi Adad, 1700 
Old Assyrian Kingdom, 1900 B.C.
Sargon I, 2200 B.C.
Mesopotamian cities 1
Mesopotamian cities 2
Timeline of Mesopotamian States

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