Experts Warn ISIS Still Has Up to 10,000 Loyalists in Syria, Iraq
Iraqi Parliament Sets May 12 As Date for National Elections
Assyrian College Opens in Australia
Iraq's Political Landscape in Disarray
Jihadist Corpses Poison Life in Iraq's Mosul
Reframing Indigeneity: The Case of Assyrians in Northern Mesopotamia
Iraq's Islamists Dump Religion for Upcoming Elections
Turkish Troops Enter Kurdish Enclave in Northern Syria
Iraq's Supreme Court Rules Against Election Delay
Iraqi Parliament Postpones Vote on Election Date
Turkey Begins Operation Against U.S.-Backed Kurdish Militias in Syria
Tribal Feuds Spread Fear in Iraq's Basra Province
Why is Foreign Policy Magazine Grumpy About U.S. Aid Going to Assyrians in Iraq?
U.S. Criticizes Turkey Over Military Offensive in Kurdish-held Northern Syria
ISIS Still Poses Threat to Iraq After Liberation
Turkey Deploys More Tanks to Syrian Border
Can Turkey Be Part of the Solution in Iraq?
Syria Threatens to Down Turkish Jets Over Its Kurdish Region
Kurds Appeal to U.N. Over Turkish Threats
Syrian Government: U.S. Military Presence in Syria Is Act of Aggression
Massive Turkish Army Convoy Heads to Syrian Border
Pentagon Says it is Not Creating Conventional 'Border Guard' in Syria
Turkey's Uneasy Relationship With Europe
US Vital in Stabilizing Northern Iraq Says Archbishop of Erbil
The US is Doubling Down in Syria -- But Officials Won't Say Why
U.S.-Backed Force Could Cement a Kurdish Enclave in Syria
The United Nations' Shameful Treatment of Persecuted Christians
Baghdad and KRG Reach Initial Agreement on Lifting Flight Ban
Russian Top Diplomat, US Iraqi Envoy Discuss Post-conflict Situation in Iraq
Russia, Turkey and Syria Oppose U.S. Plan on Kurdish Force
Kurdish Parties Will Boycott Vote on Iraqi Budget Bill
New Challenges for US in Syria, Iraq Despite Success Against ISIS
Defeat of the Islamic State in Iraq: New Beginning or Lull?
Armenia Recognises Genocide of Yazidis in Iraq
Turkey is No Longer a Free Country, According to Global Rights Report
Iraq PM Coalition Collapses One Day After Its Formation
Islamists Vow to 'Kill More Copts' in Egypt
A Vision for Ending Iraq's Crises
Minorities in North Iraq Look to Post-jihadist Future
U.S. Confirms It Is Training Kurdish Recruits in Syria
Suicide Bombings in Baghdad Puncture Newfound Hope
Netherlands Joins UN Security Council to Shine Light on IS Genocide
KDP Will Boycott Iraq Elections in Kirkuk, Disputed Areas
Iraq Sunni Tribes: Postpone Elections Until Displaced Return
Russia Says Zone for U.S.-backed Rebels Could End Up Splitting Syria
Turkey Says U.S. Training of Kurdish YPG in Syria Border Force is Unacceptable
Turkish Military Attacks Kurdish Forces in Syria
A New Life Sprouts Up Around Mosul After Scars of ISIS Rule
Iraqi Assyrians: The Forgotten Refugees
Christian Worship Revived in Largest Assyrian City in Iraq
Turkish Forces Shell Syrian Kurds Targets in Northern Syria
Report Details Scope of Persecution in the Cradle of Christianity
Iraqi Militias Form Political Coalition for Elections
'Social Reconstruction' is Vital for Long-term Stability in Iraq
Iraq's Biggest Potential Weapon of Mass Destruction: the Mosul Dam
Europe's Islamic State Offspring
US Changes Rules on the UN to Help Assyrian and Minority Victims of Genocide in Iraq
UN Warns Of 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' In Syria
US is Giving Weapons to Terror Group in Syria, Turkey Says

Iraqi Parliament Sets May 12 As Date for National Elections

By Sinan Salaheddin

BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's parliament on Monday set May 12 as the date for holding national elections despite calls from the country's Sunni community to delay the vote until the return of nearly 3 million people displaced by the fight against the Islamic State group.

Assyrian College Opens in Australia

On Sunday 21 January, the new campus of St Narsai Assyrian Christian College, a year 7-12 co-educational Christian independent college of the Assyrian Church of the East was officially opened in a historic ceremony at Horsley Park, New South Wales, Australia.

Iraq's Political Landscape in Disarray

Iraq officially declared victory over the so-called Islamic State (IS) -- but was this a little hasty? Many Iraqis are concerned that could be the case, a fear the country's politicians are quick to dismiss. Theses worries testify to just how uncertain the future of Iraq really is.

Jihadist Corpses Poison Life in Iraq's Mosul

(AFP) -- For three years, jihadists made life in Iraq's Mosul impossible. Now, six months after their defeat, even their corpses are polluting everyone's existence as no one wants to move them.

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