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Australian Assyrian Gymnast Places Fourth Place Nationally
By Oliver Slewa
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Biblina Shamuel.
Biblina Shamuel was recently awarded fourth place, nationally in Level 7 Australian National Championships for Gymnastics.

We spoke to Bablina and her mum, Eileen to find out more about this wonderful achievement.

Bablina shares with us her experience in gymnastics, starting from the age of 6 and competing in various club championships.

She is also an active member of her Gymnastics club, coaching younger students in this sport. She, being in high school, shows the passion and drive that she has for gymnastics.

Her mum tells us, that supporting Bablina is important and says:

'Parents have an important role in ensuring their kids future is safe and healthy, even if it means making other sacrifices for the child's commitments, as long as it keeps the occupied with safer things, such as sport'.

Bablina spends nearly 16 hours per week practising and hopes to someday achieve higher levels in this field.

Bablina said "dedication is important and making time, it is never too late to start".

SBS Assyrian team congratulates Bablina on this achievement and wishes her the best of success for future championships.

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