All Things Assyrian
Art, Talent and Adversity
By Marilyn Rodrigues
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Syriac Catholic artist Ghusoon Durdur with her painting depicting the invasion of her parish by ISIS in Northern Iraq. ( Giovanni Portelli)
On the outskirts of Sydney lives an extraordinary artist whose work is bringing others closer to Christ.

Syriac Catholic Ghusoon Durdur and her family were forced to leave their home in Bakhdida, northern Iraq when they were threatened by ISIS.

While seeking refuge in Lebanon, Ghusoon's talent was able to flourish, particularly, and held her first exhibition of hyper-realistic pencil drawings and paintings.

She also recently discovered a gift for writing and is attracting a growing social media following.

Having experienced hardship, she said she prefers the main focus of her work to be spiritual subjects such as Jesus Christ and the saints.

Her first portrait completed in Australia is a tender image of Our Lady and the infant Jesus.

"I prefer to draw faces because they remind me of our Creator and how beautifully he makes each of us so unique," Ghusoon said.

"Lebanon is a place with many saints and there is very strong faith there, so I was really inspired in my own faith and to use my talents for God.

"He is the greatest artist and from Him comes every talent.

"God gave me this ability to create with a pen or a paintbrush so that I can praise him through it."

Ghusoon Durdur with her first artwork completed in Australia of Our Lady and the Child Jesus. ( Giovanni Portelli)

She said that despite many difficulties she and her family have endured, she believes everything has been "a blessing from God".

"I have greater appreciation of what life is really about."

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