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The Assyrian Internet Marketer
By Brijesh Desai
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Alan Lazar (center).
While educational degree holders can pave way to a great career for most of us, there are some people who beat the odds and become successful even without an impressive academic degree in hand. Alan Lazar, an LA-based serial entrepreneur, internet marketing expert and investor, dropped out of college and took the job of a telemarketer to support his mother and younger brother, after his parents parted ways. Four years down the line, Alan ran his own call centre based out of New Delhi, India that had 330 employees.

Alan Lazar was an early adopter of Internet Marketing and is known as "The Man behind the Brand" in business circles for generating hundreds of millions of dollars via Facebook and YouTube advertising for clients across the globe. "If you're good at paid marketing you can partner with any type of business," says Alan who's worked on info products for the likes of like Tai Lopez, Lewis Howes, Dean Graziosi, and Ed Mylett.

The solo internet-marketer owns 7-figure branded e-commerce products that he aims to scale further in 2019. He was also an early investor in Outstanding Foods' PigOut Chips that are made by replacing pork bacon with mushrooms (cooked in bacon style), thereby making healthy snacking a reality with 73% less saturated fat and 69% less sodium as compared to cooked pork bacon.

Alan has also invested in 'Hundy', a mobile app that works on a community-based lending model promoting peer-to-peer lending for the credit worthy people, to save them from pay-day loans and their aftermath.

The 35-year-old, was born and raised in Los Angeles by Iranian Mother and Assyrian Father. He now juggles between LA and Miami while working with his clients across the US and outside. Currently single with no kids, Alan Lazar is a staunch believer who gave away his Instagram handle @bible for free to the largest bible app, after bidding war in multiple six figures as he wanted it to go for good use. "Faith is very important so idea is of reaching big audiences to help people to know more about God," says Alan.

From a telemarketer to internet-marketing maven to an investor, the journey of Alan Lazar exemplifies that you don't need a glorious college degree to make it big in life. If you set high goals for yourself, and work hard towards achieving them, nothing can stop you - not even an underprivileged background, lack of formal college education, or financial constraints. People who aim to be successful create their own success stories by working towards them, conquering one goal at a time. While Alan's success is not a norm that every college drop-out can expect, it proves that a degree is not synonymous to success, and the lack of it doesn't set you for failure.

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