Report on the Assyrian Detainees in Syria

By Assyrian Human Rights Network

Dictatorship regimes and extreme Islamic groups are to be considered the most dangerous factors threatening the existence of the ethnic, religious and intellectual minorities in the Middle East.

Trapped in Iraq, Christians in Limbo Have Few Options

By Jillian Kay Melchior

Ainkawa, Iraq -- A half-built concrete structure across from a Chaldean church has become an unlikely refuge for Iraqi Christians, displaced as the Islamic State ravages their homes. The building resembles the Tower of David, minus several dozen floors.

Iraq's Heritage Faces New Wave of Destruction

By Abdulameer al-Hamdani

According to ISIS law, archaeological sites, museums and artifacts, shrines and tombs, non-Islamic, and even non-Sunni worship places, modern statues and monuments, and libraries should not be existed and must be demolished.

ISIS Seizes 16 Kurdish Villages in North Syria

Beirut (Reuterrs) -- ISIS fighters have seized 16 Kurdish villages in northern Syria in a major advance towards the city of Ayn al-Arab at the border with Turkey, a Kurdish military official and an activist group said Thursday.

ISIS Comes to the West

By Tom Rogan

Earlier Thursday, Australian counterterrorism officers arrested 15 individuals in what Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has confirmed was a beheading plot related to the Islamic State.

The Islam Denialists

By George Neumayr

The more violence that comes out of the Islamic world, the more that the Left insists Islam is a "religion of peace." The rise of ISIS has inspired Western leaders to redouble their attempts at reeducation. Appointing themselves Islamic authorities, they declare that ISIS is "not Islamic.

The Historic Visit of Five Patriarchs to North Iraq

By Peter BetBasoo

(AINA) -- On Wednesday, August 20 five Patriarchs from the Middle East visited Arbel in north Iraq to show support for the beleaguered Assyrian Christian community (AINA 2014-08-21) and to call attention to the cultural genocide that is being committed against it by the Islamic State (ISIS).

Further Arming the Kurds Could Prove Dangerous

By Konstantin Sabo

(AINA) -- Almost on a daily basis we are hear unthinkable and heartbreaking news about the cruelties that the Islamic State (ISIS) is committing in North Iraq, particularly against Assyrians and Yazidis. The Nineveh Plain is an area north of Mosul.

The Kurds Must Support the Assyrians and Yazidis Militarily and Politically

By James Rayis

(AINA) -- Today, in the midst of the greatest threat to a 6764 year old community's existence in Iraq, the Aramaic-speaking Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs), both Iraqi and expatriate, must look to the Kurdish Regional Government for immediate aid for those in the Nineveh and Kirkuk...

The First Assyrian Settlers in Canada

By Jennifer Higgs

The story of a small town and congregation in rural Saskatchewan begins halfway around the world and more than 100 years ago, when settlers from Persia came to North Battleford to build their future on Canadian soil.

475 Families to Bring Out Handwritten Bible

Kochi, India -- After the Catholic Church, now it is the turn of the Chaldean Syrian Church, one of the four archbishoprics in the Assyrian Church of the East, to transcribe the Bible.

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Report on the Assyrian Detainees in Syria
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Trapped in Iraq, Christians in Limbo Have Few Options
Iraq's Heritage Faces New Wave of Destruction
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ISIS Seizes 16 Kurdish Villages in North Syria
ISIS Comes to the West
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