Radio & Television 

SBS Radio - Assyrian Program: Very good radio program covering current Assyrian affairs

VAC Radio: Voice of Assyro-Chaldeans / Vous écoutez la voix des Assyro-Chaldéens. Great radio program with news and analysis. produced by the Association des Assyro-Chaldéens de France email

TEBE TV: Professional Television program reaching millions via Satellite in the middle East and Europe. Managed and producted by the GHB, Gabo D'Hirutho D'beth Nahrain email

NOHRA Radio: A nice weekly radio program produced by the Assyrian Cultural Association of Canada email

ASSYRIAN TV in DENMARK: Assyrian TV Program in Eastern Assyrian dialect. Produced by one of the most active Assyrian youth groups on Earth ! email

SHARARA RADIO: Sharara (Truth) radio in Eastern Assyrian dialect aired from Duhok, North Iraq. Produced by the Assyrian Patriotic Party email

SHAROKEEN TV: Great new Assyrian American television program. Airs weekly in California. Directed by John Pirali. For comments and suggestions, just send an email

Babylon Assyrian Radio : Weekly Assyrian radio program from Denmark. produced by the Babylon Assyrian Youth Union, Contact them at mail for questions and requests 

ASSYRIA FM : ASSYRIA FM! is an online radio station. If there is anything that you want us to include, just send us a mail and we will do our best.  

Assyria TV : Assyrian-European Satellite Television Program.  

KBES Assyrian radio: KBES radio, 24hrs, 7days a week from CERES, California.  

KBDG Radio : LIVE  Radio 7 days a week, from the Assyrian American Civic Club of Turlock, California, United States of America.  (888) 440-5234  

 KBSV Television: LIVE  TV 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from Bet-Nahren Cultural Center located in Ceres, California, United States of America.  (209) 538-4130 • (209) 537-0933 

Qala D'Ashur (Voice of Ashur) : Excerpts from the Assyrian radio program of Iraqi-Assyria (North Iraq).  

The Chaldean Voice : Weekly Music, Entertainment and Information. 
Syriac Melodies A nice colleciton of Western Syriac Hymns and songs 
QOLO:  Great Assyrian news program three times a week with your host Gabriel Afram.  The program is produced in Sweden with reporters from the Assyrian homeland.  Program is in West-Assyrian (Turoyo).
Assyrian Music Videos: Real video stream featuring such artists at Walter Aziz..  

Assyrian Music collections:  MP3 and Real audio streems of various Assyrian and some middle eastern singers (Assyrian and a few arabic). 

Atour Radio: A good collection of Assyrian radio programs.  

Atour Television: A good collection of Assyrian videos.  

Voice of Nineveh: Virtual radio program providing  Information, News and educational material.  

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