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Thousands of Christians Leaving Homs: Vatican Envoy
Anatolia News Agency
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ANKARA -- Approximately 100,000 Christians in Homs have had to move to different places in Syria due to the ongoing clashes between the Syrian army and opposition militants, according to a senior Vatican diplomat in Damascus.

"Up until now, Christians have been suffering from the same consequences of the conflict like all the other citizens. However, a good number of Christians, around 100,000, had to leave Homs. Most of them moved to the Christian Valley [Krak des Chevaliers] and to the Damascus area," Vatican Ambassador to Syria Nuncio Mario Zenari said yesterday.

Zenari said Christians made up 8 percent of Syria's population."It is very difficult to know how many Christians died because of the explosions and shelling," the ambassador also said. Zenari said the Vatican was doing its utmost to stop the ongoing clashes in the country. Pope Benedict XVI had recently called on international communities to make further effort to stop violence in Syria.

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