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Infighting Between Turkish-backed Militants in Syria's Afrin Kills Several
By Zen Adra

After a short-lived truce, fierce clashes renewed between two Turkish-backed rebel groups in the Syrian city of Afrin which required the Turkish military's intervention to resolve the dispute.

Militants from Sultan Muhammad al-Fateh and its rival Ahrar al-Sharqiyah group engaged in a firefight which killed and injured dozens from both warring parties.

The prolonged clashes, which lasted from Monday evening till Tuesday morning, were only interrupted when the Turkish military intervened; forcing both factions to return to their bases outside the city.

The reasons behind the infighting are still unknown.

Both factions have had their disputes in the past months; most probably over who has more power over the other.

Earlier, Ahra al-Sharqiyah declared they expelled two minor groups fighting under its banner; namely Al-Hamza and Al-Muntasir, for failure to adhere with their orders.

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