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Kurdish Forces, Iraqi Army to Coordinate for Major Assault Against ISIS
By Zen Adra

A US-backed Syrian group said they are launching a major offensive against the Islamic State in coordination with the Iraqi Army and with support of the US-coalition air power.

The Syrian Democratic Forces; a predominantly-Kurdish group backed and armed by the United States, decided to resume its military operation against ISIS-controlled areas along the borders with Iraq.

The operation -- dubbed Cizire Storm -- was paused for a while as the Kurdish militia sent part of its fighters to halt the Turkish invasion in Afrin region.

SDF senior commander, Ha┼čim Mihemed, said the new assault will be carried out in cooperation with the Iraqi Army in order to crackdown on the terror group, and with support of US airstrikes.

"We had already announced yesterday that the operation will be carried out in joint coordination with the Coalition forces and the Iraqi army. Because there are several ISIS camps along the Iraqi-Syrian border. ISIS carries out attacks in Iraq and Syria from these military locations and headquarters. That is why we believe it will be healthier to carry out the operation in coordination with the Iraqi army, and we took steps accordingly", Mihemed added.

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