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Iraq Calls on Arab Summit to 'take Clear Position' on Syrian Crisis

Iraq on Saturday called on Arab leaders to "take a clear position" about Syria at a summit planned in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, Iraqi state television said, citing a foreign ministry statement.

The Iraqi foreign ministry also warned that Western air strikes Saturday on Syria were a "very dangerous" development that could fuel an extremist resurgence in the region.

A statement by foreign ministry spokesman Ahmad Mahjoub said the raids carried out by the United States, France and Britain were "a very dangerous development... that will provide an opportunity for the expansion of terrorism after it was destroyed in Iraq and largely pushed back in Syria".

The Iraqi government declared victory over Daesh, which it considers a terrorist organisation, in December after pushing Daesh militants out of their final holdouts along the border with Syria.

But the group retains the capacity to strike despite losing control of vast swathes of Iraqi territory it seized in 2014 and still clings to pockets of desert in war-torn Syria.

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