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Iraqi Forces Launch Massive Anti-ISIS Operation in Kirkuk
By Andrew Illingworth

Amid ongoing operations by Iraqi forces to destroy the Islamic State's last underground strongholds throughout the country, the province of Kirkuk has in recent days been subject to a huge anti-insurgency operation, so important as to involve the assistance of warplanes.

On Wednesday, Iraqi forces commenced a major anti-ISIS operation in the province of Kirkuk with aim of systematically weeding out any remaining Islamic State fighters and assets that linger throughout the region.

Despite the fact that the Islamic State's presence in Iraq seems virtually non-existent, the recent and ongoing operation by Iraqi forces has proved otherwise.

Near the village of Knaus, Iraqi troops killed several ISIS elements at terrorist encampment on the Tigris River whilst contact with a string of Islamic State hideouts outside Hawija city required airstrikes to clear the way for army forces on the ground to advance.

The latest reports regarding the operation indicate that at least 30 villages have been inspected within the river-laced province.

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