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New 'North Syrian Army' to Be Led By Coalition Forces
By Andrew Illingworth

Coalition-backed militias operating in northern Syria are to form a new North Syrian Army. The role of the new formation will be to carry out border security duties in areas under the control of the US-led anti-ISIS alliance.

On Saturday, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that certain pro-Coalition militias in Syria are to form a 'North Syrian Army' to guard border areas in the country's north (i.e. opposite Turkey) that have fallen under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces (the offensive arm of US-led forces in the country).

ANHA's report specified that the new formation will draw its cadre from the Self Defenses Forces (HXP) -- a US-backed alliance of local militias formed in 2014 -- and will comprise Arab, Kurdish, Syriac, Assyrian, Turkman and Chechen fighters.

According to Siyabend Welat, leader of the HXP, the North Syrian Army will prove the will of people to defend themselves should they ever come under attack.

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