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Iraqis Fear Earthquakes, Terrorism Could Lead to Dam Catastrophe
By Adnan Abu Zeed

BAGHDAD -- International experts arrived in Baghdad Nov. 21 to assess the damage caused to the Darbandikhan Dam, southeast of Sulaimaniyah, as a result of the earthquake that hit Iraq and Iran on Nov. 12.

Minister of Water Resources Hassan al-Janabi told the media a day prior to the experts' arrival that "the earthquake effects on the dam have sparked concerns." He pointed out that there is a need to "reduce the water level in the dam reservoir for more safety."

On Nov. 19, the director general of the dams in the Kurdistan Region, Akram Ahmed, called on the federal government to provide the necessary funds for the restoration of the Darbandikhan Dam.

However, the parliament's Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands announced Nov. 20, "The Darbandikhan Dam is operational and the damage wasn't serious."

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