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13,000 ISIS Fighters Still in Syria, Iraq, 2,500 of Them Europeans
By Andrew Illingworth

According to two official sources, one American and one European, that have conducted separate investigations into the current demographic of ISIS forces throughout Syria and Iraq, the terrorist group still possess a division-equivalent worth of fighters and that, of this, about 20 percent are Europeans.

Whilst official US intelligence estimates put the total strength of ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq at about thirteen thousand fighters, Gilles de Kerchove, a European Union counter-terrorism chief, believes that about 2,500 Islamic State militants currently waging jihad in these same two countries are Europeans.

Speaking to the German-based Welt media outlet, de Kerchove claimed that ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq once possessed within their ranks about 5,000 militants of European origin.

Of this number, de Kerchove estimates about one thousand have since been killed whilst another 1,500 have (rather alarmingly) returned to Europe.

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