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Iraq Sunni Lawmaker Urges Uprooting ISIS Ideology

(AP) -- A female Sunni lawmaker in Iraq says that uprooting Islamic State group's ideology is the key for a peaceful future in Mosul, which reeled under the extremists' harsh rule for three years.

Lawmaker Intisar al-Jabouri from Nineveh province where Mosul is the capital, said on Tuesday that rebuilding the city "must start with the extraction of Daesh extremism ideology and the mental contamination that hit Nineveh residents." Daesh is the Arabic acronym for IS.

Al-Jabouri says the local government and Baghdad should invest in "good relations" between the residents and the security forces and take all "necessary measures to prevent terrorism groups from returning to Mosul in order to give it an opportunity for peaceful coexistence."

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared "total victory" in Mosul on Monday, after a nearly nine-month-long battle with IS fighters.

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