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Obama's Former Security Adviser Under Fire for Cheering Slaughter of Christians
By Lorraine Caballero

In a statement posted on Twitter on May 7, former DHS Homeland Security Advisory Council senior member Mohamed Elibiary praised Allah for the slaughter of Coptic Christians in Egypt. He suggested that the ISIS atrocities were somewhat deserved because of what Coptic leaders did to the members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the country, The Daily Caller relays.

"Reading ISIS's latest mag 'otherizing' Egypt's Copts," said Elibiary on Twitter. "Subhanallah how what goes around comes around. Coptic ldrs did same to MB Egyptians."

Elibiary was reportedly talking about the May issue of ISIS magazine "Rumiyah," which contains an article titled "The Ruling on the Belligerent Christians." The said article lauds ISIS' string of terror acts targeting Egypt's Coptic Christians and called for more of such attacks.

In addition, the Rumiyah article mentioned the recent twin church bombings in Alexandria and Tanta on Palm Sunday. It also described such attacks as "blessed deeds."

This is not the first time that Elibiary has sparked controversy over his pro-ISIS statement. It is worth noting that he was dismissed from the DHS in September 2014 because of his controversial statements on ISIS and Islam. One of his Twitter comments which led to his termination was about the inevitable rise of an Islamic caliphate, PJ Media notes.

When a prominent Coptic businessman voiced out support for Donald Trump, he sent out a tweet saying this kind of support would not bode well for Coptic Christians in Egypt. He suggested that the denomination should alter "their dinner's name then from Coptic Solidarity 2 Coptic Fascism."

In September 2013, the disgraced DHS official also struck at the Coptic Christian community for allegedly cultivating anti-Muslim sentiment. His statement came after the Muslim Brotherhood torched down dozens of Coptic churches in Egypt and only three days after he was appointed as a Homeland Security fellow.

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