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ISIS Fighters Trapped in Western Raqqa
By Chris Tomson

After entering Tabqa over the weekend, the US-backed 'Syrian Democratic Forces' (SDF) secured further gains against ISIS forces at the isolated city, located on the southern bank of the Euphrates River.

On Tuesday morning, SDF forward units captured Tabqa radio station while a source said Kurdish troops foiled a renewed ISIS assault at the newly liberated airport south of Tabqa.

Tens of US-led coalition airstrikes also pounded Islamic State positions on both sides of Raqqa city, most of which hit the ISIS-held town of Musheirefah.

Kurdish sappers also cleared Kabbash village of mines earlier today, securing a launching pad and gathering point for the upcoming push towards the provincial capital of Raqqa.

At the moment, SDF units are 500 meters west of Tabqa city centre and 800 meters from its eastern gates with approximately 20% of the former ISIS bastion under Kurdish control.

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