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Turkish Army, FSA Suffer Heavy Losses in Failed Offensive in East Aleppo
By Leith Fadel

The Turkish Army, alongside their allies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA), launched a new offensive in the eastern countryside of Al-Bab on Sunday, targeting the Islamic State's positions in Umm Adaseh, Qabr Maqri, and Al-Saghlaniyeh.

Beginning the offensive with nonstop airstrikes, the Turkish Army hoped that this assault would weaken the Islamic State's resolve and allow their forces to enter Al-Bab with relative ease.

This calculation would prove entirely wrong, as the Islamic State not only beat back the assault, but they also inflicted heavy casualties on the encroaching soldiers from the Turkish Army and FSA.

In a matter of hours, the Turkish Army and FSA could be seen frantically retreating from the eastern outskirts of Al-Bab in order to avoid anymore casualties and losses to their arsenal.

ISIS released a statement confirming the Turkish Army and FSA defeat, while also posting images of the latter retreating across the eastern countryside of Al-Bab; thus, corroborating their statement

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