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Kurdish Militants Attack Police in Turkey

One policeman and a court official died in a vehicle bomb blast in Turkey's western Aegean coastal city of Izmir on Thursday.

Local media reports the blast was caused by a auto bomb and damaged several vehicles.

A number of people were wounded in the explosion, some critically.

For the past 18 months, Turkey has weathered regular terror attacks as it faces twin campaigns from the PKK - a Kurdish separatist group designated a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and Europe - and Islamic State group.

According to Izmir governor Erol Ayyildiz, Kurdish militants were behind yesterday's attack.

A large cache of weapons were found at the scene, which Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak said implies a larger attack was planned, but thwarted by the swift actions of police.

A second auto bomb was detonated in a controlled explosion, in which nobody was hurt.

AFTER another terrorist attack in Turkey, the Australian Government recommends tourists exercise a high degree of caution and reconsider the need to travel to the major cities of Ankara and Istanbul because of ongoing threats of terrorist attacks.

The powerful explosion occurred near a court from Izmir, in western Turkey.

The governor said three of the ten injured are police officers, noting that it is not yet clear whether there is a third terrorist or not.

"All parties should support Turkey in facing terrorism because what is happening now aims to separate between the Turkish people", he said. "They couldn't destroy our unity".

Ayyildiz added that the preliminary evidence suggests that the Kurdish Worker's Party (PKK) was responsible for the attack.

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member Turkey is part of the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Syria and is also battling an insurgency by the PKK in the largely Kurdish southeast. The militants have repeatedly staged attacks on security forces and other targets across the nation. Another 10 soldiers and eight civilians died in a vehicle bomb attack on a checkpoint in Durak in October. The IS group claimed that attack which it said was a reprisal for Turkey's military operations in Syria.

A top official said the gunman may be a Turkic Uighur and several people of Uighur origin were arrested on Thursday.

Dogan News Agency reports that a search has begun for a third suspect, citing the state-run Andalou agency.

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